A Femdom’s Favor, Sissy Party Favor That Is


It was nothing for my femdom friend and I to loan each other our fetish slaves for the day or weekend. It was often fun to mix things up and send our male submissives for a real loop. This is the story of one particular incident where I was loaned a slave to use for a party I was throwing for a group of friends. Since I am the owner of a corset shop, one of the first things I did was size this sissy boy up for a corset. I intended for him to look superb for my party, since he was to be the prime source of entertainment. As he was being fitted for his brand-new corset, I set about laying out the remainder of his outfit.


Once the fitting was done, he tentatively walked down the hallway toward me and several other femdom Mistresses who were there to help prepare him for the party. There was much to do, after all! He was already naked, as he was stripped upon entering my shop, so he was standing there completely naked and vulnerable in front of a room of several extremely sexy, fully clothed femdom mistresses. We guide him over to an open shower, where he is cleaned off then told to shave off every inch of body hair so that he would be sleek and smooth for our guests that night. He was clearly aroused by the humiliation of being feminized by his sexy femdoms, as his cock was clearly growing harder and harder.


Sissy Girl’s Transformation


Sissy Party Favor 18+ 800-730-3593Once he had come from the shower, he sat down in a barber-style chair where he had full make-up applied and was fitted with the perfect blonde wig. He was to be our perfect bimbo sissy slut for the night, serving ALL of our guests with a fervor.


We then took him over to the bedroom and showed him the rest of his outfit which he slowly put on piece by piece, transforming himself into a sissy girl right before our eyes: white stockings with a red seam up the back with matching red lace and garter belt, a tiny red thong, and a pair of matching red 6 inch pumps. Once he was dressed, he was laced up into a beautiful red corset with white detailing. He looked just like the perfect sissy slut to serve all of my guests that night. I attached a red collar and leash to him and led him downstairs where the guests, both men and women, were already casually mingling, excited for the entertainment I had set up for them.


Sissy Slut Is Used For The Night


I attached his leash to a table in the middle of the room with a sign that read, “Sissy slut for use.” He begged his femdom to allow him some other service but was denied. His night started with me fucking his ass hard with my strap on to open him up appropriately for my guests. He could not hide his pleasure and pain as he cried and moaned out as I fucked him and all the guests laughed in an uproar as his cock spewed cum to the floor during this. I told him to get down and lick it all up like a good coached cum eating slut.


All through that night he endured strap on after strap on and was eventually in a state of such heightened sexual arousal that he even succumbed to the coerced cock sucking and coerced bi of a true slut. He eagerly took each cock in his mouth and begged them to fuck his sissy ass for his femdom to watch. He had always desired for his femdom to push him into being a coerced bi sissy girl but had never really experienced anything like this.


A true femdom knows exactly how to fulfill all of your kinky femdom fantasies and will guide you deeper into your journey. You will never regret this journey and, in fact, once you have started it, it is sure to be one that you will never be able to stop. You won’t be able to help yourself from going deeper into your fantasy and fetish for a powerful and strong femdom mistress. You will know that only your femdom can guide you to such pleasure; Only your femdom can allow you to be free and to experience the sexual relief that you need so badly. Your femdom mistress specializes in taking your fantasy to the next level; never underestimate the powers of a sexy and seductive femdom.


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