Breasts For Crossdressing Sissies


Breasts are rarely the first things that would-be sissies think about. And that’s completely ok because there are far more “exciting” things to worry about: Things like clothes, makeup, accessories, playing with strap-on femdommes, and many others.


But eventually, if sissies decide to go further in their quest toward complete feminization, breasts do become a consideration. Biological women have breasts, so it stands to reason that sissies who want to look more like “real” women become interested in having breasts as well.


Temporary Enlargements For Sissy Breasts


There are several means by which a sissy boy may acquire breasts. All these methods will be listed here with the easiest first. Then, it’ll be up to you to decide which one (or ones) you want to use.


The easiest method through which to acquire the appearance of breasts is bra-stuffing. Most likely, you’ve already thought of this and have possibly tried it as well. Because it is such an easy and cheap way to look like you have breasts, most sissies have given it a shot at least once. Almost anything that can be crammed into a bra can be used to stuff it. Some things, however, look a lot more realistic than others!


If you’re going for bra-stuffing, then the truth is that less is really more. The more you stuff, the less realistic your bust is going to look. Smooth, firm materials work best for this.


However, if you’d like to go for something that both looks and feels more realistic than balloons or balls of socks in your bra, a good starting place is either a specially padded bra that’s designed to add a cup size to your chest or investing in a good pair of “falsies”–breast enhancements that are usually made of plastic or silicone and shaped like a woman’s actual breasts. Well-made bust enhancers will even feel very similar to real breasts.


When it comes to bust size, a sissy should remember that, as in the case of stuffing his bra, less is more. Exaggerated padding in one’s bra gives the appearance of having bulletproof shields around each breast. So if you’re not looking for a Superman chest, you should probably only use these methods to increase your bra size no more than a cup. Anything larger runs the risk of looking silly!


Permanent Breast Enhancement For Sissies


The remaining two ideas for the enhancement of a crossdresser‘s breasts are more permanent than the suggestions above. Thus, you use caution and make sure you’re absolutely certain about what you want to do before you try either of these. You should also keep in mind that you will need medical supervision in order to attempt the following.


Of the two permanent methods listed here, hormone therapy is the least dramatic. Please remember that you will need to be under the care of a doctor in order to undergo hormone therapy. Do NOT, under any circumstances, try to self-administer these hormones! A sick or unwell sissy girl is no fun at all.


With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s discuss what hormone therapy entails.

Most of the time, your doctor will prescribe both anti-androgens and estrogens. The anti-androgens will, as their name suggests, block some of the effects of the androgens that your body produces. They can help reduce facial and body hair, for example. If taken long enough, the estrogens will make you develop secondary female sex characteristics. These could include changes to the shape of your body by altering where your body will store fat and increasing breast and nipple size.


Sometimes, after men undergo hormone therapy for awhile, they will find that their breasts have not increased in size enough to suit them. This is when some of them turn to cosmetic surgeons to discuss the possibility of breast augmentation. One advantage of breast implants is that once the procedure is done, you’ll have your breasts all the time, not just when you’re wearing your padded bra. Another advantage is that you can make your breasts be whatever size you want.


However, there are greater risks involved with both hormone therapy and breast augmentation than with any of the temporary methods. You will most likely not have any health complications from bra-stuffing, wearing padded bras, or using falsies; we cannot say the same for hormones and implants. Always consult with your doctor, preferably more than once, before electing to undergo either of these permanent methods.


Our Mistresses do not prefer any method to any of the others. We want you to be happy with the decision you make about your bust size. This essay is meant to educate you about the choices that are available to you, not to persuade you of the superiority of one type of bust enhancement to another. This particular aspect of your sissy training is entirely up to you, and we hope you can find a kind of breast enhancement that will satisfy you!


The more permanent bust enhancements may be of greater interest to our gender non-conforming or trans femme sissies. If that’s you, we’re more than happy to help you navigate the feminization of your body to fit your personal tastes. 


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