Caught in Panties

Much to my dismay, I was caught in panties! I had been a slave for my Mistress for a few months when she caught me. It wasn’t intended in fact I don’t remember even thinking about it before I did it. If I had, I’m sure I would have made a different choice, or at least that’s what I tell myself. In truth I probably would have done it anyway. She was supposed to be gone for hours, so I knew I had plenty of time alone and would have decided I was safe no matter what.

There I was, doing my housework. Today was laundry and I was putting away her dry cleaning, when I paused, realizing I was all alone in her bedroom. I knew I was supposed to just take care of the chores I’d been given and move along, but it was so exciting. My Mistresses bedroom was just like Heaven to me, a place I’d often dreamed of being in as my own. To be as beautiful and womanly as she is…Oh, I could only dream. That’s when I did it. I went over and opened her dresser drawer, pawing through her silky and lacy delicates. Those panties felt so good to my fingers and before I knew it I had taken off my clothes and was slipping those silky panties up over my own ass. That’s when it happened. She walked in and caught me!

Caught in Panties: What Would You Do?


Caught in panties 18+ 1-800-730-3593I was terrified, but she only stood there silently for a moment and then said “Well, well well…It seems I have a panty boy!” Her laughter was the dangerous kind, the laugh that tells me she has plans for me. But instead she said that she was going to get some help deciding what to do with me. This of course involved telling people about my indiscretion and letting them vote on what to do with me.

I was nervous enough, but once I heard the results from other panty boys and Mistresses who were part of, I knew I was really in trouble. She asked them, “If you were caught wearing your Mistress’ panties (or you caught your slave in your panties) – what would you do?” They happily chimed in, pleased to get the opportunity to assist a sexy Mistress in a bit of humiliation for a panty boy and in deciding just what she should do. There were lots of choices and they quickly narrowed them down to the top choices, of which she chose the highest one!

Caught in Panties: Poll Results


Personally, I would have voted that my Mistress be very understanding and talk with me about what I would like to do, but six percent of my fellow panty boys ( I am required to call myself that now), felt that I deserved punishment! Six percent said that she should be very angry with me for disobeying and humiliate and degrade me publicly and personally. Another six percent voted on her getting rid of me, finding a real man and cuckolding me. That sounds like humiliation to me! Thankfully these were only six percent and didn’t win, though she did mention trying every suggestion. The next group was about double the last, twelve percent in fact. They said that because they look ridiculous in panties and have very small cocks, I probably do too! This lead to a suggestion that she simply laugh at me. Her giggling and pointing and maybe even telling her friends, seemed like the right thing to them. She had already laughed spontaneously when she first really looked at me, so this kind of happened.

Moving on to the next two groups with fifteen percent each in their opinions. Personally, I like the first one. They though she should have me masturbate in front of her while wearing the panties. Since wearing them with her looking at me had me hard anyway, this would be perfect. She said no way and thank goodness, because the other fifteen percent voted for her to bend me over and take me with her strap on. Clearly, they don’t realize how huge her strap on is, or they wouldn’t have voted this way (or maybe they would have).

I’m hopeful though that since she said no to the other fifteen percent this one will be a no as well. She seemed to think it was great though, which worries me. After that, the next highest she loved as well, the twenty one percent who said that I was a very naughty panty boy and deserved to be spanked. They said she should pull down my panties and spank me. She said something about combining spanking and strap on…I hope she was kidding.

The winning votes though, decided I should be coerced into being feminized on a more permanent basis and dressed up more. They said she should make me get all dressed up in not only panties, but bra and heels and a wig. They wanted make up and the whole feminized ensemble. She loved the idea, but still seems interested in combining it with some others.

All in all, I believe my Mistress had already decided what she was going to do and is simply excited to have me waiting and agonizing over what she might do to me. I’m sure it will be fun for her and exciting for me, because if I’m honest, I’d love having her do any of those things with me and am looking forward to getting my punishment.

Have you been caught in panties? Do you secretly want her to catch you in panties? Give one of our Feminization Mistresses a call today to discuss it.

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