Co-ed Mistress’s First Experience With A Sissy Boy


My very first experience with a sissy boy was my first semester in college. I had NO clue that sissies even existed until I walked right in on my first boyfriend in college and his dirty secret.


I am pretty much the stereotypical college sorority girl, at least in the eyes of all my peers. Let me clear up a few things, though. Yes, I like to party, and, no, I do not fail my classes or suck off teachers for an “A” in their classes. I grew up in a small southern town and fled to a college in the city as soon as humanly possible. Generally speaking, I am what you would call a model student and child. My parents think I am an Angel, my professors adore me. I have flocks of friends to hang out with whenever I choose. I won’t lie, though. I discovered my sexuality early and have always been fairly open minded to all of the intricacies that come with sex and all of its deviant subsections.


How Was I To Know My Boyfriend Was A Sissy Slut?


It was basically a normal day just like any other. I was completely oblivious to what would happen later in the day. I woke up and spent over a hour picking out the perfect outfit, putting my makeup on and, in general, making myself the perfect image of the hot sorority girl. I have to admit that I put in a little bit of an extra effort this particular day because this day marked the 3-month anniversary of my boyfriend and me.


As I was putting the finishing touches on my ensemble of the day, my mind drifted back to what seemed like just yesterday, when I had given him a key to my apartment. It had been a major step for both of us, given our past records of broken hearts that we had left behind us. I smiled thinking about how much different he was than every other guy I had ever dated. He was always so much more attentive, always noticing the hard work I put into looking like a diva. Now that I think back on it, it was a bit odd how he was always the first one to comment on my new haircut or a different style of makeup.


Still, I had no idea that I was about to get a crash course in how to be a Femdom Mistress.


I went about my day, going to classes and working at the library shelving books, but I couldn’t really focus on any of these mundane tasks today. I was much more excited about the surprise my boyfriend had promised for our mini-anniversary.


“Don’t be late! I have something special and romantic planned for us tonight,” he had said on the phone that morning.


My heart skipped a beat just thinking about it! I glanced up at the clock. Only thirty more minutes till I was to get off, but I had finished all my work at least forty-five minutes ago. Just when I thought I couldn’t sit there a minute longer, my boss walked over and asked if I would like to cut out early since I had done such an outstanding job. She didn’t have to ask me twice; I grabbed my things and half ran to my car.


Discovering My Boyfriend’s Crossdressing Secret


As I was driving back to my apartment, less than 5 minutes away, my mind was racing as to what my surprise could be!!!! Once I got home, I jumped out and ran up the stairs to my apartment. I unlocked the door and flung it open quickly.


The first thing I saw was my boyfriend standing in the middle of the living room like a deer in headlights. He was wearing my matching bra and panty set, bright pink with purple hearts and sniffing another pair of my dirty panties like the dirty crossdressing slut that he turned out to be. He immediately dropped the panties in his hands, trying to cover himself and stuttering, “Y-y-you’re home early!”


I stood there with my eyes and mouth wide open in shock for a moment before I glanced around and noticed all the candles and the roses on the table. I look back at him standing there like a scared little boy in my underwear. He told me later that a mischievous smile came across my pretty lips.


“Sit down baby,” I purred at him as I walked over to him. He just stood there in shock, so I put a single finger to his chest and pushed him down onto the sofa, straddling his lap as he sat down.


“Was this the surprise you had in mind?” I questioned him. “Letting me in on your panty boy sissy secret?”

“N-n-no, You just came home early…..” he trailed off.


At this point, I was wondering how many times he had done this while I was out. He was, of course, still staring at me in complete shock. I couldn’t help but wonder what I should do with my newfound sissy boyfriend.

That was when I decided that it was time to have some fun with this newfound fetish of my boyfriend’s. Up until now, I had never really considered being a feminization Mistress, but this changed everything.


I slid off him and told him to stand up for me, so he could model his current look. As he stood there, completely exposed as a naughty crossdresser, my mind was wandering to all the kinky fun that we could have now that I knew his biggest secret. All I could think about was how I wanted to completely feminize him and turn him into a true sissy girl.


“I bet if I play this out right, I could have him sucking dick like a good little slut,” I thought to myself.


None of his fraternity brothers would ever guess that he was so easily turned into a sissy and a coerced cocksucking slut for his girlfriend. Want to know how I did it? Check out parts two and three of this story, My Boyfriend’s Complete Feminization and From Sissy Slut To Coerced Bi Slut!


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