How I Teach Corset Training


Let’s talk about feminization and corset training. Every good sissy worth her Louboutins should know how to wear a corset. This is why I give all my sissy slaves corset training. All my slaves must know all there is to know about this important article of clothing.

The first step in my corset training is deciding the best type for the individual body. Two basic types are over bust and under bust. The over bust type of corset is one that covers the breasts as well as shrinks the waistline. These are available in a variety of colors. The other type is the under bust. This type of corset is meant to be worn under the breasts, either with a lacy bra or with nothing at all with it. I tend to prefer the under bust type for its sleek line and risque nature.


Corset Training: Measuring Insures Correct Fit


corset training 18+All of my slaves wear the classic French maid’s uniform. I require corsets be worn at all times during their working for me because it makes them look thinner and sexier. This is my rule and it is followed without question by any slave of mine.

I always measure my sissy slaves to get the best fit. It is good to measure because a well fitted corset should be three to four inches smaller than the natural waistline. I custom order their corsets so that they will look their best when the time comes to show off their hard work. I always buy the corsets with the metal boning and the laces. This way I can teach the slaves how to cinch them tight for greatest effect. I look at each slave’s coloring and decide which color and what fabric would fit them best.

The slaves do not get a say in what corsets they get. I also order some liners and a few skirts so that they have a whole outfit when needed. I also include in the order stockings because all my slaves must have corsets with garters. Why buy a beautiful black, satin corset if there’s not going to be garters attached to it? So along with corset training, the slaves also learn how to put on stockings correctly. If they already know the basics, they practice putting on lacy ones or ones with the sexy lines up the back. This is a skill they all must master before becoming my full time slaves.


The Proper Care and Feeding of a Corset


When the corsets arrive I allow each slave to open theirs and look at it. I don’t let them try them on until they know how to properly care for their new garment. I teach them how and why they must wear a liner except on very special occasions. Then I explain the punishment that will be incurred if a corset is damaged by careless or rough handling.

Finally, when I feel they have learned what they need to in order to appreciate the gift their Mistress has given them, I let them take them out of the box and put the liners on. The liners are what allow the slaves to wear the corset for years with little to no wear and tear on the garment. Then, as the slaves fairly dance on the balls of their feet, I let them put their corsets on.

I tell them that the corsets are now going to be a part of their sissy slave uniform that they are to wear these each day. Then I show them how to cinch up and tell them to try to cinch the corset up a little tighter every day. I say that it won’t be easy and won’t feel good. Whining about being poked or not being able to breathe will not be tolerated. I tell them that this is the price sissy slaves pay to be great slaves.

Sacrifices must be made. The only exception I make to this is if the slave gets light headed or passes out. These unfortunate slaves are given a little more time to adjust to wearing a tight corset. There is no shame in this because a slave that takes time to get into a tight corset beats one with digestive problems or broken ribs.

This is how I train my slaves to wear and endure corsets. Most of them love the idea because it makes them feel so sexy and feminine. Also another good reason for wearing a corset is to be able to fit in a smaller sized uniform. It thrills the slaves to decrease their waist sizes by an inch or two.


Are you ready for your own corset training? Give one of our Feminization Mistresses a call, today!


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