Are All Cross Dressers Gay?


We hear this question and comment a lot. Are all crossdressers gay? Guys who wear women’s clothing are gay! Always! Just like every woman in pair of jeans and cowboy boots is a lesbian! But we often think exactly that about cross dressers. Now, it’s not impossible or even improbable that a cross dresser could also be gay but it isn’t a foregone conclusion either and we know that!

We understand that not everyone is the same at all. There are different needs and wants in every fetish and making an assumption about someone based on what turns them on, is just wrong. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, maybe it’s just a cross dressing lifestyle choice. Which are you?


Are Some Crossdressers Gay? Yes! Bring on the Cocks!


So, are cross dressers gay? Sure! Some are certainly gay. When you are turned on by slipping into a pair of sexy silky panties and a hot little dress, it can really tweak your feminine nature. After all, there is something in women that makes us attracted to all that testosterone most men give off like a primal scent. If you like to dress up, take warm baths, slip into something soft and girlie, well maybe that attracts you too! So, you get excited.

Those panties start to get tight in front and your cock gets hard thinking of one of those men asking you to dance. You might be too nervous to go up to them and tell them that, but you can always tell a phone sex Feminization Mistress just what happened. We love to picture you walking up and asking those guys to dance, your long wavy blond wig hanging perfectly red lips curving up to invite him to play with you.

Oh yes, imagine the possibilities. And you do imagine them don’t you? You think about those men touching you, rubbing their hands across the silk and you get all excited, a good gay cross dresser.


Not All Crossdressers are Gay: Silky Sex


Not everyone who cross dresses is turned on by other men though. Maybe while you’re getting dressed up, for you it’s about sharing your femininity with a woman, relating more to her, or just because something about our clothing is physically pleasing to you. I can see why it would be! I know if I were a man I would totally be a cross dresser!

are crossdressers gay 18+ adult erotic entertainment


Look at the clothes men have to choose from. Boring and boring and more boring. I mean I love jeans as much as anyone, but if I couldn’t slip on a pink sundress or get all dressed up in heels and something soft and sexy once in awhile, I’d be devastated. We have all kinds and colors of lingerie and stockings and heels and sandals, we have blouses and knit tops and sweaters and dresses and those hot little camisoles and bustiers.

Our skirts range from super short to long and wrapped around our legs and of course those silky stockings. You don’t have to be gay to want to feel good. Men love silk sheets as much as women, why wouldn’t men love wearing silk panties and night gowns. Some of us even think its hot and would happily play dress up with you and then play lots of naughty sexy games too.


Crossdressers Gay or Not Gay, Either way, It’s My Life!


Sometimes cross-dressing, not unlike other fetishes is simply a lifestyle choice not motivated solely by a sexual desire. Not a simple choice by any means but one that is motivated by a need to have the ritual of dressing up. Getting ready and putting on the female clothing you love is all part of what makes you happy.

You could talk for hours about slipping into a hot bath, with oils and candles, then drying off, and getting your make up just perfect before slipping out of a silk robe into some sexy lingerie and stockings and then walking around in your high heels choosing a dress or skirt and blouse to complete the look.

The wig would come last so as not to mess up the perfect way it hangs over your shoulders and down your back. So, you get dressed up and just let yourself relax and feel like a woman. Maybe you go out and maybe you don’t. Maybe you like to be private or for some it’s all about getting on cam and showing us how pretty you look.

Everyone, as I said in the beginning is different. We all choose what excites us and makes us happy based solely on our personal wants and needs. We understand that you might not want another man sexually, or maybe you do, but regardless this isn’t about what we think you want, it’s about what you need. After all, that is why we’re all here, the pleasure we seek.

Give one of our feminization Mistresses a call, today!


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