Beginner’s Guide to Cross Dressing


Are you new to cross dressing? This beginner’s guided to cross dressing will help you get started. For years it’s been in the back of your mind. Something you barely allowed yourself to think about. You knew if you ever let yourself really dwell on how much you needed it you might lose all control. That’s scary isn’t it? The thought of not being in control of your feminine desires.

What does it say about you that you want to dress up in women’s clothing? Does it make you gay? Will you look crazy? Where do you even start? There are so many things to think about and once you start to, you get so excited it’s hard for you to focus. Guess what? That is why we are here! To help you sort it all out and enjoy the thrill without the worry.


Don’t Worry it Doesn’t Make You Gay

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First of all, it’s okay to want to dress up! Cross dressers are gay, straight and bi-sexual. There are no set parameters. Sometimes you just want to dress up. It’s that simple! Women’s clothing is so much softer than men’s clothing.

We have so many more choices and the variety is just so far beyond anything that men are given, I can’t understand why more men don’t want to cross dress…Or maybe they do! Maybe they have the same concerns you do about how it will look and what it means. But that is just not something you need to be worried about at all, because in the end, all you really want to do is get dressed up and look hot!


Shopping for the Perfect Outfit


So, how do you get started? As this beginner’s guide cross dressing will tell you, shopping of course! You have to choose what you want and bring it home. There are so many different things you can wear! How do you choose what to start with and how do you know what will look good? Well let me give you some tips on a few of those things. After all, who better to help you begin your cross dressing in women’s clothing than a woman?!

First of all, decide what you like. Do you love the panties and lingerie or the whole outfit? Do you want to wear make up too? I’m going to assume that you want to try everything! So, to get started, what is your favorite color? Most of us naturally love colors that look good on us. That means if you just think pink is the greatest color for panties ever, it probably is, for you! So lets start there!


Lingerie; Are you Sensual or Naughty?


Lingerie is a little more difficult to pick out than other clothing, because it’s meant to be sexy and it’s also very skimpy. This means it is an unforgiving look, so you if you haven’t been working out, you might want to try a sexy silky camisole over a pair of 1940’s high waisted panties. These will hide lots of imperfections and all that silk and lace will drive you crazy!

Plus lots of those panties come with garters attached and you can easily get some light pink with black lace and then slip a pair of black stockings up your legs to complete the look. Or you can go naughty and get a pair of bikini panties with a silky lacy bra and a garter belt that matches. These look very naughty but feel very sexy against your bare skin. Either way, don’t forget the stockings and I recommend black or tan, any other color looks less sexy and you want to look sexy.


Beginner’s Guide to Cross Dressing: Dresses or Skirts?

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Next we move on to the clothing. Women have do many choices here that there is no way I can really narrow it down for you, but I can tell you that dresses are much more fun to wear than tops and skirts. A soft blouse or sweater is nice, but nothing compares to a sundress type gown, that falls past your knees and brushes against your calves, blowing around in the breeze.

Again there is the short tight dress as well, all depending on what you like! Either way you’ll feel like you are looking sexy and you’ll be ready and turned on! Of course, what kind of dress you choose will also affect what kind of shoes. Remember that you don’t wear sandals with stockings so pick something with a closed toe and a heel of the height you can walk in comfortably. Better to wear kitten heels and look graceful than stilettos and fall on your butt or twist your ankle. *giggle*


Beginner’s Guide to Cross Dressing: Now You’re Really Ready!


Make up and wigs are the final step for some of you;, others want to cross dress in the clothing and don’t need the added things to feel sexy and perfect. Regardless of what works for you, this is the time to check yourself out in the mirror. If you don’t have a full length one, get it, because there is no way to really see how great you look if you can’t check yourself out completely.

Don’t be afraid to embrace every step fully. This is your time to relax and enjoy yourself. You can let yourself have a good time and not worry about what it means other than this is the beginning of an amazing journey in Cross Dressing!

Did you enjoy this beginner’s guide to cross dressing? Give one of our femization Mistresses a call, today!


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