Best Ways to Buy Panties Discreetly


You love panties!  You love to buy panties. You love to touch them and look at them. You love to talk about them and wear them. What you don’t love is figuring out ways to get them. When you are trying to dress up in secret it can be difficult to decide just what would be the best way to make your panty collection grow.

We understand that you want to buy panties and girly sexy lacy ones too, not ones that might pass for boy underwear at a glance, and we want to help you learn how to get them. There are a few ways to go about it, so read on to learn

These tips are for all you secret cross dressers, closet panty boys, and sissies in hiding. We know that you must have tried to think through how to discreetly purchase panties without the embarrassment and humiliation of being stared at and questioned.

That is, unless you are someone who likes to be humiliated, then you might want to skip right in and announce what you are looking for without hesitation and this information won’t be very useful for you. But, for the sake of this essay, we are going to just assume that humiliation is not your thing and help you learn all the ways to enjoy the benefits of wearing panties without everyone knowing about your secret fetish.


Online Shopping for Panties


Buying PantiesThis seems like the simple answer to most people. It’s fairly anonymous. No one asks you questions about why you are buying what you are buying or if that size of panty sounds more like your size than your girlfriend’s size. You just type in your credit card number and voila!

The panties arrive. And if you live alone it works just like that! You can get all dressed up in those panties anytime the mood strikes you. The package can even arrive while you are at work and all that will happen is you will get the joy of finding a box at your door step, like a present and EVERYONE loves presents!

However, this happy easy way only works if you live on your own. If you have roommates or your girlfriend or wife and any of them do not know about your panty fetish, well you don’t want to order online and have UPS deliver a box with Victoria’s Secret written on the side. This is easy to solve though by setting up a P.O. Box in your name.

This way is the best way by far to have your panties delivered to you. You will know the package is safe until you can go pick it up and no one but you has to know anything about it! You won’t have to answer questions or pray nothing arrives while you’re at work, instead you can relax and plan all the ways you are going to hide and enjoy those panties when you get them.


Going To The Store


We all know that to buy panties online is the safest and easiest way, but sometimes, what is safe and easy is just not what excites you and we understand that, too! There are many of you who would rather go to the store and shop for panties, even though it is more of a risk. To you, I want to say this, Just Relax! Remember, it is completely normal for men to go in and purchase panties and lingerie for their girlfriend or wife.

You know you are buying them for yourself, but you are still there buying them. No one else has any idea who they are for! If you do decide to go into a store to purchase panties, you have the freedom to feel out the textures, fabrics and styles of the panties you are wanting to wear. You can look at them up close and even chat with a sales girl about her suggestions for the best kind!

Remember, you are not wearing a sign on your head that says you are buying the panties for yourself and no one there has any idea what size woman you are shopping for, so they aren’t going to question you! Just relax, and have a good time shopping!

Once you have decided how you are going to get you panties (we know stealing them from family members and friends is also an option, but you’ll have to move past that eventually so we’re not going to give you theft tips) just go get them.

There really is nothing to be afraid of, as long as you aren’t acting or feeling guilty about it, no one is going to think anything of it at all and you can just enjoy those panties!

To explore your panty boy side or discuss discreet ways to buy panties, visit our site at where we absolutely love to hear about your panty fetish!

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