CEO in Panties


Did you ever think of a male CEO in panties? Being a high powered executive has an upside, but it also has the downside. All that stress, having to be what you are expected to be. But you have a secret, a naughty sexy little secret, don’t you? You are wearing panties!

Do they know? Are they watching? That’s what goes through your mind everyday isn’t it? You look at everyone as you pass them, wondering to yourself which one knows, because how could they not! You feel so naughty and exposed, wearing those panties under your clothes.

You know on the outside you appear quite masculine, but underneath your clothes is your feminine side just waiting to be embraced. Even the thought that someone will know, isn’t enough to stop you.


Wake Up In the Morning Feeling Girlie


Ceo panties 18+ This morning when you woke up, slipping from the bed in your into the shower, you mind was already on what you were going to wear. I’m not talking about the suit. Oh no, you don’t really care about those at all. Sometimes you express yourself a bit with a purple tie or maybe even a pink one, but always in the most masculine way.

In fact, no one looking in your closet would think you were anything other than a well-dressed businessman, they’d see the suit jackets and slacks, simple but well made button down shirts, rack of ties and polished dress shoes. There are even pressed jeans and casual wear, but all of it looking very much like you are all man. *giggle*

But we know differently don’t we? Oh yes, because that’s not where you keep the things you really love. The drawers of the dresser, the bottom ones, those are the ones you love to open. Overflowing with silks and lace, the pantyhose and nylons rolled carefully to preserve them from running as long as possible, the dainty lingerie and the sexy panties everything you love, even those nightgowns that you just have to slip on after a shower sometimes.

That is what you truly love and no one knows about those special drawers. No one except you and your phone sex Mistress, of course. So when you step out of that morning shower and stand in front of the dresser, you bend down and reach for that sexy pink thong and silky camisole, feeling them so soft against your naked skin. Those panties rubbing against your cock have already gotten you excited and the day just began!


Working Hard…Literally


Work is different then being at home though, both more and less exciting. More because you just never know if anyone has figured it out. It seems like you’re safe, but then you can’t be sure, what if one of the women notices a panty line that looks a little off. You never take off your blazer at work for fear that exact thing will happen.

One part of you, mostly that cock, would LOVE for someone to notice, but your head says NO WAY! So that is what makes it less exciting. The same thing that causes it to seem fun and naughty is also what makes it scary, you don’t want to be caught. You make lots of decisions at work. After all you are the CEO, the boss, you have at least a few people under you who do as you say. What if they found out you had on panties?

Every time you go to the bathroom, you have to make sure you are all alone. Can’t have someone walking in and catching you with your panties down. *giggle* They wouldn’t be able to miss them either, not in that bright shade of pink you’ve chosen to adore. Luckily, you’ve got your timing down to a science….You hope.


Your Mistress Knows What You Need


Sitting in your office, your Phone Sex Mistress’ voice on your phone asking you to tell her just how it feels to have those panties on, you can barely breathe. Your eyes glancing toward the door, thankful for the perks being the boss gives you, from the big desk to the courtesy of a knock before anyone enters. You close your eyes and start to tell her how amazing those panties feel. The silk rubbing against your cock makes you feel so sexy and feminine.

You hear yourself then, admitting to her that you want to wear stockings next time as well, maybe some flirty lingerie under your power suit. Something soft and feminine and you wish you could show it to someone don’t you? They are so pretty after all, those girly silk and lace panties and bras, the garters with the bows and silk roses, if only you didn’t have to hide them.

For now you know you do, but as you sit at your desk rubbing those soft panties against your cock, you imagine a day you are brave enough to take your pants off in that office and really enjoy yourself.

Are you a CEO in panties? Would you like to be? Give one of our feminization Mistresses a call, today!


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