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So you have made your way onto the internet, as a crossdresser you want to explore but you’re not sure where to start. Here we will outline some of the places that will connect you to hundreds if not thousands of others just like you. Take your time and explore every avenue and soon you will be sharing your secrets and desires with others. With a few basic guidelines you will be able to power up your computer and be in touch with others you can call friends in no time.

Types of online communities for crossdressers


Blogs are online diaries, where you keep your thoughts and like many crossdressers, your secrets. Online blogging is a great tool for you as a cross dresser to express what you think or feel at any given time, without the concern of your family finding your “diary” under the bed or in a drawer. If you are going to blog about adult content it is best to choose a blog service that allows discussion of those topics, or it could be erased without warning. Live Journal and Blogger both allow adult discussion but do not allow graphic nudity or explicit or obscene language, Blogger is free and Live Journal offers a free as well as an upgraded version with different blogging tools for a nominal fee.

Thumblogger does allow adult oriented material and is free to use, but may not be as functional as the other blog services. Blogs and blog networks are a great place for crossdressers to read each others thoughts and daily progress.

Another venue is online forums, such as Get Girlie. On these forums you will meet others just like you and you will be able to post back and forth to each other in almost real time. Most crossdresser communities with forums have a resource section in which you can find tips and tricks on various subjects dealing with everything from being a crossdresser to even gardening tips.

Crossdresser community 18+ These forum-based crossdresser communities are often set up to offer support and assistance but also cover every day occurrences. If it is a large community with a very active message forum, odds are there will be at least one person there with a similar past experience to help you by offering advice on how to deal with an unexpected incident or direction on how to accomplish something. These online forums are fantastic places to post your questions about most any aspect of cross dressing.

Chat rooms, such as Community Kink are also available to the online crossdresser populous. These are found on small to large websites, with varying degrees of traffic. Some frequent these chat rooms daily while others only stop in from time to time. Online crossdresser chat rooms give you the ability to talk to several others at once and have a discussion as if you were all sitting in the same room. Conversations are not always centered on crossdressers and dressing, and can be about most anything from sports to family.

Many debates are had in these chat rooms and they can sometimes be heated. There are also the occasional intolerant chatters that come in to simply bash the current chatters for their personal choices, but don’t let those get you down. Great lasting friendships have been formed in many chat rooms over the years.

Online social networks such as our very own Enchantrix Empire social network and offer the ability to create individual profiles as well as online journals in the same place. These social networking places are great tools for meeting crossdressers and others with similar interests and often incorporate blogging, chat and forums together in one place.

Many of these social networks will offer essays written by other community members from their own perspectives offering yet more information and support. If you are looking for an all in one package for your online experience then a social network may work best for you.

Crossdressers participating online: manners and safety


If you are participating in any of these venues it is important to remember you are not the all knowing one and you don’t have the right to harass or abuse others because they have differing opinions on subjects. One suggestion in regard to online forums that holds true be it a crossdresser forum or one about hobbies: read the guidelines!

Get a feel for the community and the people that participate in it by reading and lurking around for a little while, then introduce yourself. Most forums have a introduction area. Keep in mind that there are real people on the other end of the computer screen and feelings can be hurt and tempers can flare, just like in real life.

When you begin blogging find a blog provider that meets your needs, then start by writing about yourself, so those reading can get an ideal of who you are. Remember if you are going to post pictures on your blog that you cannot just post anything you find on the internet. Those pictures belong to someone. Always leave a link back to the place you obtained the picture or get permission first. Look around and read others blogs to get ideals and information, comment on them and leave a link to your own blog. The person you left feedback for may want to learn more about you as well, so leave them with the ability to find you.

Crossdressers and Social Networking


Social networking web sites can be a lot of fun if you remember that these are all real people and emotions can run high. Enter and take a look around, create a profile and get a feel for the site and those that participate there, don’t just jump in with both feet, unfamiliar with the community rules. When you sign up and create your profile you will have to agree to a TOS (terms of service), read it, these are rules you agree to by clicking yes.

To keep yourself from getting into a dangerous situation it is best you do not give out any of your personal information to the people you meet in these places. Take your time and get to know people very well before handing out any personal info that could get you into trouble. The internet is a fun place and you can learn a lot, just be careful.

If you subscribe to a paid blog service, never respond directly to any emails asking you to log in via a link in email, in fact it is best you never click on links of any sort asking you to log into an account via email. Many of them can be scam emails not even sent by the community or person you think sent them, intent on stealing your information.

If you have doubts never click, always go directly to your account by typing the link into the address bar as you normally do. If there are no notices or important messages showing on your account there then most likely the email you were sent was fraudulent.

Now you have the basic tools to head out on your search for others and self discovery. You will learn you are not so different after all, and that the internet has the ability to bring you closer to those that share the same interests, even if they are thousands of miles and other countries away. So, crossdresser, start exploring and sharing, but most of all have fun!

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