Crossdresser Girls Night Out


Are you read for a crossdresser girls night out?? The neon lights of the city sparkle outside the window of her apartment. You never thought this relationship would end up here. A fun open minded woman who encouraged you to tell her all about your deepest most hidden desires. And you did didn’t you?

You can still hear your own voice trembling with excitement as you told her how much you wanted to be one of the girls. To get all dressed up and go out with her and her friends, dance and drink and pick up men. Hands trembling you looked up at her and saw the curve of a smile on her lips.

“I knew it!” she exclaimed and a wave of relief washed over you followed quickly by nervous wondering just how she could have known. Had you been able to imagine this moment then, you’d have had a lot more to be nervous about.


Crossdresser Girls Night: Get Dressed Up


It’s finally crossdresser girl’s night! After much planning and shopping a real honest to goodness girls night out in the city. You’ve never thought of yourself as a sissy or even a cross dresser but now that you’re all dolled up, you know this is what you were meant for all your life.

A cloud of perfume surrounds you, as you take a deep breath and walk through it just like you were told to do and stop in front of the mirror admiring yourself. The long curly wig she found for you matches your skin tone perfectly and masks anything manly there was left about your face.

Not that there was much, once she got the false eyelashes and red lipstick on you. Look at that perfect pout! You are already looking like one of the hot naughty girls you’re about the spend the evening with at a club or two.

Now check yourself out in that dress. You remember when you first saw it, hot pink and so short and tight! You couldn’t believe you would actually end up wearing it with the black stockings and pink high heels with black polka dots she insisted you learn to walk and dance in!

Getting your cock under control with some tight but still sexy panties and filling the cups of your bra with false boobies, really completed the look. In a dark club with the music pumping and neon lights jumping the guys will never know you aren’t just one of the girls.


Crossdresser Girls Night: Go Out on the Town


Everyone is dressed up and looking sexy. You realize that your dress is certainly the one that looks the most slutty and that bright redcrossdresser girls night out 18+ lipstick is only making you look more ready to suck cock. She smiled as if she knew what you were thinking and reminded you that lipstick was invented originally to show what great lips you had for cock sucking.

Your bi-curious nature has gone into overdrive and you find yourself thankful she tied your cock up and under or you would be giving yourself away just thinking about how much fun you are about to have.

As you step into the dark club on your crossdresser girls night, the lights dim then bright, everything pink and blue and green, music so loud it feels like it’s coming from your body. Your heart starts to pound in rhythm an she grabs your hand and pulls you along with the other girls to the bar.

They huddle around you, making sure it’s obvious that you are the center of attention, while waving to all the guys passing by and looking. She tells you to flirt and you smile a little shyly at the next guy walking by your bar stool. He stops and sets down his drink, just as she pushes you toward him. Then his hands are on your body and you are pulled out to the dance floor.

You hear giggling behind you and know they are all watching, sipping their drinks or heading out to dance around you and this man who is holding your hips against his and grinding his body against you. Slowly you start to move, letting yourself go and really getting into the dance with him. This man obviously has a great body and hard cock and you’re hoping to at least get to make out with him before the night is through.


Control Yourself


This night is amazing, here you are dancing and grinding with a man so hot you want to suck him off right there on the dance floor. It’s been hours that seem like minutes and he pulls you close and starts to kiss you, letting his hand slide up under your skirt and play with your ass.

You moan against his lips and are seriously considering taking him in the back and blowing him when the girls come up and slip between you, pulling you apart and laughing.

It’s a Girls Night Out after all and this is only the first bar! The music fades and the heat from his body against yours is replaced by the cool night as they pull you outside and you know this night is only just beginning.

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