I am a Crossdresser Who Loves Women


You want to know my secrets, Mistress? Okay, I’ll try to tell you. I am a crossdresser who loves women. I love everything about women. I even love wearing their clothes, make up and jewelry. Yes, I’m a cross dresser who loves women. I would much rather wear a sexy sundress and heels than jeans any day.

I love the way women’s clothes feel against my skin. Yes, Mistress, I’ve had a few friends that were girls that liked to dress me up and parade me around the clubs at Halloween. I don’t pass well, Mistress, so I can only really dress up on Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday for that reason.


I Like Panties and My Girlfriend


FemPhone fem phone surrender to your feminine desires 18+A girlfriend, Mistress? Yeah, I have a girlfriend. Have I told my girlfriend about being a crossdresser and my love of women’s clothes? Uh, sort of. I told her kind of as a joke and she laughed, but didn’t believe me. I haven’t had the balls to try to tell her again. Where did we meet? Oh, I met her at the mall. I was in Abercrombie and Finch looking for work clothes.

Thank God I wasn’t wandering around in Victoria’s Secret. Actually, I had just left there. I love their underwear, Mistress. The thong panties and the cheekies they are so cute! There are tons of colors and patterns! Even pink polka dots on black and vice versa…Oh, sorry, Mistress. Where was I? So anyway, we struck up a conversation in the store about what shirts I should buy for work. I remember thinking that she looked really good in what she had on.

She was wearing these tight jeans and t-shirt and had long blond hair that just looked like it would feel so silky when she went down on me and it wrapped around my cock…sorry again, Mistress. We decided to have coffee at the food court after we left the store and we started dating soon after our first meeting.

She’s really open to new things, so I think she would be okay with it. I’ve asked her all kinds of questions around the topic and come close to just telling her outright. Her answers are always positive, but I’ve learned, Mistress. I’ve learned that just because people can accept at a distance, doesn’t mean they can live with it in their bedroom. So I’m scared, Mistress. I love this girl.

She’s beautiful and funny and I just can’t stand the idea that she would leave me because I sometimes squeeze into her skirts when she’s not around. I’m still a man, Mistress. I still go out with the boys and watch the game. I might have a lacy tank top on underneath my sweatshirt, but I still enjoy the game and laugh at the dirty jokes and enjoy the cheerleaders.


Still Need My Mistress to Push Me as a Crossdresser


She’s wonderful Mistress, but I still need you. You know why! I know you do! It hasn’t got anything to do with my girlfriend really. You encourage me to be my crossdresser self, to prance around in my very high stiletto platform heels. I don’t have a choice with you. When you demand to see the “real me” as you say, my knees get weak. You want to tease me only when I’m wearing the lavender silk teddy.

You give me assignments where I have to wear the panties and stockings to work under my clothes. I did that the other day and I felt better and more comfortable all day. The fear of getting caught in the men’s room was both terrifying and exhilarating, but I did it and now I can‘t wait to do it again.

And it got me so excited that night, I remember coming home and I was so hard that I got into the shower with her and we used her soap, so we both smelled amazingly pretty and then we had sex for a long time! She thought maybe I had gotten a promotion or something like that. She had no idea that the clothes had rubbed against my cock all day and she had benefited from the hours the silk had teased me.

You are the only one who understands Mistress! I am a man who is a crossdresser, I just like the feel of sexy lingerie against my skin! This is my confession today, I know you love when I come in humbled and honest. I really do long to dress up like a woman and have sex with my girlfriend, but until then I love just feeling so feminine and knowing you are here to listen and instruct me how to go further and make my real dreams come true. My dreams of having sex in my lingerie while she is in hers, this would be heaven for me. I’m not gay at all, women get me excited, but who wouldn’t love the way silk slides across your skin! I know I do!

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