Do Women Find Men in Lingerie Sexy?


The question of whether or not women find men in lingerie sexy isn’t a simple answer, because we women are not simple creatures. What one of us finds incredibly desirable another may be repulsed by completely. Oh hey, that’s just like men, isn’t it?

Well then maybe this won’t be so complicated after all. After all you already understand that I’m not speaking for all women here, though I do have some general idea of the percentages just from chatting with my female friends and I can guarantee that none of us have exactly the same opinion


Check Yourself Out First


First of all, it depends on a few factors but essentially if we are going to like it, we are going to like it and aren’t going to change our minds once we decide. But there are some things to keep in mind before presenting yourself all dressed up in lingerie to the woman of your choice. One being, how do you look in the lingerie?

It’s a factor for us and it’s a factor for you. Lets face it, as much as we all like to pretend that we aren’t vain and don’t care about outward appearance we care! We care a lot. As a woman who has worn lingerie, let me tell you that it is difficult to find some that is honestly flattering. No matter what you look like, a tiny little lace and silk garment with stockings isn’t easy to pull off. So, work out!

You can’t expect to just put on an ill-fitting bra or some ill-fitting lingerie and show us and have us get excited. Even if we kind of like the idea of a man in panties, if you have a huge beer gut and haven’t even attempted to fix that, we’re not going to be impressed. So, get yourself a full length mirror, way before you show yourself off, and take a good long honest look at yourself. Women do this all the time.

Especially if we want to surprise our man with the hot new lingerie we bought. So, check yourself out and make some adjustments. It’s a fact that twenty push ups and fifty sit ups right before getting naked improve (though temporarily) skin tone and muscle tone, making you appear healthier and thinner and sexier. We all want to be as sexy possible when walking out in our lingerie, that means you too.


Choose the Right Outfit


Men in lingerie 18+ 800-730-3593Next, choose something that looks good on you! I can promise you that no one looks the same in any outfit and just because lingerie models can make zebra print butt floss look good, doesn’t mean you can, even if it comes in your size. So look around. We want to know you tried, that it mattered to you to look your best.

This way you get a serious reaction from us. We have the opportunity to get turned on because we aren’t laughing at the brightly colored feathers on your baby doll night gown. So, make a good choice. If you are very very pale and just don’t get out in the sun much, either head to the tanner or choose a neutral color, like soft pink or tan or light blue or any shade of green or cream.

Bright virginal white or black as night won’t work and red will just make you look more pale. On the other hand if your skin is darker or tan, you can pull off that hot pink or red you probably really want to wear.


Lingerie: Turn Us On


So, now that you know what to wear you can show yourself off. I have to tell you that in the end, no matter how good or bad you may look in lingerie if the woman cares about you she will make her decision based on that.

Personally, there are some men who I have found to be extremely sexy in lingerie, especially if I found it by surprise. Making out and taking one another’s clothes off the surprise of silky panties to reach down and rub his cock through was very exciting. Women on average are turned on by men in shorts, we love your legs and kilts.

That’s a skirt and if we can look at a man in a skirt and still find him sexy there is no reason in the world a woman couldn’t see a man in lingerie and think the same thing. However, I’m not promising you they will. A woman might laugh instead or just be unable to take you seriously.

As I said, we are all different and there is no simple answer. There is always the possibility you’ll be laughed out of the room. But I can promise you that there is also always a chance she will smile and kiss you, reaching down to feel just how it is to rub that silk against your body.

Give one of our feminization Mistresses a call, today!


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