Dressing Up: Why Men Should Wear Dresses


Do you think men should wear dresses? I have to say that I love being a woman. It’s really so much easier for us to choose what we wear or don’t wear. I mean if I want to put on a skirt and high heels, I can. But if I want to wear boots and blue jeans, well I have the freedom to do that too and without fear of anyone looking at me oddly or questioning why I am wearing my clothing of choice!

If you are a cross dresser, then you are very aware of the frustration men face when making clothing choices. This is a frustration and unfairness that we women don’t have to deal with. Personally I am a little bit amused by it, since men have so many other advantages that some women (not me of course) just don’t have. But I can also see how hard it would be to be man who just wanted a wider choice in clothing.

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Women Are the Stronger Sex


Think about it, blue jeans and flannel shirts, t-shirts and boots are sold in every women’s clothing section. We can choose whatever we like and if there isn’t something there, we can boldly venture over to the men’s section and choose whatever we like! But when was the last time you saw a dress in a men’s clothing department store? Exactly.

When was the last time a man had a choice in what he could wear besides slacks and shorts, sport coats and blue jeans? There is the Scottish kilt, but that’s not what we’re talking about. I mean in general men are just not able to access the types of choices women are and when you really want more choices, it’s upsetting.

According to some studies, men really should be wearing dresses. And the reason boils down to inequality of men’s and women’s fashions. If you notice, and indeed you have especially if you are a cross dresser, women are allowed to cross lines with fashion any time we like.

Women can dress feminine in dresses and high heels if they want to, or they can dress androgynous or more masculine in a suit and a tie. For men, they do not get the option. So why is this? Society it seems doesn’t think dresses are very manly! And okay…they aren’t, but you should still be able to dress up in them if you want to!


Cross Dressing In the Closet and Out


So, even though based on those societal values, cross dressers must dress in secret to avoid the humiliation and shame associated with cross dressing, you still want to do it! Because you are an individual and we all have to look to ourselves for what feels right. Even if it’s not acceptable in general society there are still places you can still dress in private. And that’s okay!

Not everyone has to run outside in their panties and announce that they love to cross dress. It’s whatever works for you! If you are happy standing in front of your mirror and looking beautiful, than that is all that matters. Or maybe you have an online community, like we do with Enchantrix Empire, where you can go and be accepted, showing yourself off to those who understand and enjoy talking with you. Each person finds their own place.

Now there are also those brave few who are ready to cross dress in public. If that is you, then prepare for some stares, but go ahead and get your girlie on! Feminine and masculine are almost the same word anyway and if someone doesn’t like it and you don’t care than more power to you!

So, if you want to put on your feminine wig and pantyhose, get all dolled up and head out to have dinner or maybe even go dancing than that is your choice. This is the time to do what is right for you, not what society or your friends say, but what you love and if that means dancing on tables at a club, than go for it!

It’s time men had more options to wear what they want to wear so that there is equality in fashion. Just as the feminist movement made great strides in getting women on more equal ground , perhaps it’s time a cross dressing movement took hold so that men are able to express themselves as well, and cross dressers especially, have the freedom to dress as they want.

Imagine a day when you can get dressed up in your best high heels and skirt and blouse combo and head out to the mall to do some serious shopping without having to worry that you won’t be able to find a dress in your size! That would be amazing for everyone!

If they want to, men should wear dresses and be able to be so without fear of being judged.

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