What Makes a Woman?


Feminization… It’s interesting to think about what really makes a woman. Is it all about biology? I think we are evolved enough now to know that’s not the case at all. We have people who are born with all the female parts and still feel like they are male and we have men who are born with all the guy bits and still identify as female.

It would seem then that what we are born with physically, isn’t what makes a woman, not really. So, is it something inside, something we can’t see, but know is there?

It used to be so simple to just be someone else. Remember when you threw on a towel and pinned it around your neck and you were automatically a super hero? Or if you felt a little girlie, then you just messed around with the vacuum or tied on an apron and you played the woman role when playing house?

Magically, you were who you wanted to be. It all came through in your own perceptions, and your own imagination. It’s a little harder now to do that, so what do you do if you are a cross dresser, and you really want to feel like a woman?


Should I Change? Also Known as – Do I Need Boobs?


First things first, the obvious question – Do you really need breasts to be a woman? Should you get a padded bra or try to take hormone pills? Maybe you need a big scary surgical procedure to be a woman! Nah, I don’t think that is the case at all.

After all you might get all that done and still feel like a man who wants to be a woman. You have to embrace the female side of yourself. There is no reason to make any permanent changes on the outside, you have to make the changes on the inside and you need a new wardrobe.

By the way, if you just got excited at the thought of going shopping, you are more than halfway there on your path to feeling like a woman! So put on a pair of panties and some thigh high stockings and keep reading


Feminization: A Female State of Mind


What Makes A Woman, feminization  18+Let us just be honest now, feminization and feeling like a woman is a state of mind. Everything else is just biology, body parts and clothing. If you feel like a woman, then you are a woman. Period. Okay maybe not everyone will see it that way, but here at FemPhone if you tell us you feel like a woman or want to, we will believe you and help you get to where you want to be. That is an important first step, admitting that you feel like a woman, now you can be one.

Or maybe you feel a little womanly, but want to know how to keep that going or how to make yourself feel even more like a woman. This is where your phone sex FemDom Mistress comes in. We can give you lots of tips on feeling more like a woman. Tweaking your senses for one thing is a great way to feel more like a woman. Perfume can always set the tone and mood for feeling like a woman, if you smell like a woman you are more likely to feel like one. Layer scents by using a perfume that has a shower gel and lotion with it and your scent will last all day.

Then slip into some sexy lingerie and stockings. Nothing is as completely female as a bra and matching panties. Of course, you’ll want to cover these with a nice, silky dress. Make up can help too. A little lipstick, some eye shadow and blush, maybe even nail polish can also make you feel more feminine.

The wonderful thing about feminization is that you can wear any little thing your heart desires. You can dress up completely or just pick one or two things that make you feel like a woman. You aren’t required to dress in full en femme to attain that feeling either. Do what feels good and right to you and you will feel like a real woman.

If your feminization fantasy is about feeling like a woman, the women here can assist you with any questions you may have or share ideas with you. Calling another beautiful woman and escaping in your very own feminine world can help you feel very much in tune with your womanly side. Make sure you visit the profiles of the ladies at femphone.com and sissyschool.com who will be happy to make you feel as feminine as possible!

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