How To Be a Good Sissy Maid


Are you a sissy maid or do you long to be a sissy maid? I am a Mistress that likes things done her way all the time. I have slaves who work in different jobs around my home and they all obey me without question or face severe sissy punishment. Since I would rather release a slave than punish them, I go to great lengths to make sure that my slaves are well educated on my expectations of them.

Before I will take on a slave, I have a six week course in etiquette. The training they receive is dependent on what position they hold in my household. The most intense classes are held for those who wish to hold the position of maid.

My sissy maids have a pecking order. I have a senior sissy maid who performs the most important and most intimate tasks. This maid also has the power to discipline the others if the need arises, but this sissy girl also has the self-control needed to avoid the abuse of this power.

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The Sexy Little Maid Uniform


Anyway, in order to be any kind of sissy maid for me, one must first have the uniform. I get them custom made by a private, discreet tailor. He comes to my house and measures each girly girl for a perfect fit. I require that my sissy maids wear the traditional French maid’s uniform. This uniform is one with a black underdress with a short, flared skirt. I like to see my slaves’ cute little asses when they bend over!

On top of that the sissy must wear a white pinafore apron. This is mostly for decoration and for use when curtsying. There must also be black stockings worn with a black garter belt to hold them in place. I insist that each sissy girl wear high heels with their uniform as well. During training, slaves are given the opportunity to learn to walk gracefully in their new heels.

If one of them fails to acquire the skill of graceful poise and the ability to walk without clopping about, it is grounds for immediate termination. My sissy maids will be graceful—or else. They are taught how to and expected to hand wash their stockings, garters, panties and bras. There is no machine washing of my sissies’ underthings!

Another thing that my sissy maids are is polite. In training they learn how I wish to be addressed as “Madam Mistress” or Ma’am at all times. I don’t like to have sissy maids with quick tempers or bad dispositions. It’s in this training that I try to see if the maids will take to my authority well or if I should just terminate them before there is any turmoil.

I teach them to keep their eyes lowered when they address me and to walk out of the room backward. My girlies must always remember that they must never turn their backs to me. As you may have noticed, I am the queen of my household and my slaves must learn that.


What’s Expected of You, Sissy Maid


Finally, I teach my girlies how I expect them to do their jobs. I take being a Sissy Training Mistress very seriously, and I demand that my slaves take their jobs seriously. I teach them how to pour tea and how to put scones on the silver tray correctly. This is also the time that I show them how I like my feet worshiped.

They must rub my heels and toes just so, and hit the right spots in order to make me happy. If they are dressing me they must never allow my clothes to hit the ground and they must never look directly at me while I’m dressing. I have a system for my clothes and my closets.

My slaves must learn that system so that if I say that I want to wear a certain item, they will instantly know which article of clothing I mean and go and get it. And there is a standing rule that no slave is to try on my clothes without permission. This makes me very angry indeed!

This is how I expect my sissy maids to behavior. If you are looking to please a Mistress as a sissy maid, my biggest piece of advice for you is to listen. All Mistresses like control and so they know what they want and usually have no problems telling their slaves the specifics.

They will tell you their expectations and rules. Believe me, if you learn them and follow them without complaint, you will have a great time as a Mistress’s sissy maid.

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