How to Look Like a Stripper


So you want to be a sissy stripper, or at least look like a stripper? I can help you with that. I love being an exotic dancer. Sure the money’s great, but the real reason I’m a stripper is because it’s a very sexy profession. I love the clothes, the shoes and the make-up.

I love the attention I get from the guys and the hungry look in their eyes when I take a swing around the pole and shake my ass right in front of them. That’s why I’m a stripper and I can tell you how to look like a stripper and how to feel like one too.

First you have to get the gear. I have a friend who’s a rich little sissy. My girlie friend turned her basement into a strip stage where she performed in full dress for her cat and her dog. If you can do something like this, that would be great, but I can tell you that it doesn’t take all that to make you feel like the sexy stripper you know you can be!


How to Look Like a Stripper: Stripper Gear


Look like a stripper 18+ how to look  like a stripperThe only stripper gear you really need to have are the clothes and the shoes. First, let’s talk clothes. There are two ways to look at stripping. Do you want to actually strip your clothes off or do you just want to step out on the stage in a baby doll and a thong?

If the idea of slowly taking off your clothes turns you on, then you have two choices. You can either buy sexy “breakaway” clothes from online stores that sell stripper clothes or you can just practice shimmying out of those sexy things in a provocative way. I prefer chaps and a thong myself.

I also invested in a pair of stripper tipper shoes. These are the ones that have slits in the back of the shoe so some nice guy can slip some money into it. If this isn’t your style, there are many other types of shoes you can buy. You can decide how high of a heel you want and what kind of style is right for you.

Choose your favorite color and build your stripper outfits around it. My favorite color to dance in is blue because it looks good with my long blond hair and shows well under the lights.


Pasties, Make Up and Wigs, Oh My!


If you decide that you don’t want to buy bras for your show, then pasties are a tantalizing touch to your act. You can get them in every color. They can have tassels or be shiny. It’s easy to learn to make the tassels move and drives the guys wild. My boobs are really big anyway, so I don’t use the pasties with the tassels that much. I have a pair of shiny, blue ones that have little red hearts in the middle.

Then, there’s sissy make-up. Remember that you’re going to be on stage, so you can really put it on thick. Always remember to put moisturizer on first, and then your concealer and base because the moisturizer will help the other two go on smoother and easier. Make sure that your base matches your skin tone. Then you can give yourself smoky eyes with eye shadow and black eye liner.

The color of eye shadow is really up to you and what you like. If you like extreme, then the new neon shades are the answer. If you want to be more muted and traditional, then stick with the browns and greys. There are also great colors between those two choices as well. Don’t forget the fake eyelashes, or if those are too much, black mascara will do the trick.

Lastly, there are wigs. I have several that I use for work. I have naturally long blond hair, but when you perform on stage a lot, wigs can save your ass. I have one that looks like my hair, a long black one for when I do my Goth show and a couple of short ones too. I sometimes put glitter in them right before I go on stage if I’m in the mood for it.

Really, there are many creative ways to look like a sexy stripper. These are just a few suggestions. Let your imagination run wild and do what makes you the happiest and feel the best.

Whether it’s going all out with the heels, thong and shoes on a stage or if it’s just dancing to a sexy song in front of the mirror in your bedroom, you can still look like a stripper and feel like the sluttiest sissy stripper on the block with just a few things.

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