I Love When My Man Wears Panties!


Okay, I have a confession to make….. My man wears panties and I love it! I love the way his hard cock feels through the silky panties. No, he’s not gay and I’m not making him wear them!

It’s all his idea and I love how turned on he is when he wears them. It really makes me feel… HOT! You may be asking, “How did this adventure begin?” Well, let me begin at the beginning.


How Did I Find Out He Wears Panties?Feminization services 48+


I had been with him for several months when I realized that my panties and bras where rearranged almost every day. I would go to grab the candy apple red thong (Yes, I have a few thongs. Don’t let the prudes fool you. Every woman with an ounce of confidence does.) after my morning shower and I would find it in the bottom of the stack in the back. It was my favorite thong, so I knew that I hadn’t put in the back of the drawer.

Another time, I had to look for that lacy pink bra that made my breasts look great. He and I were going out and I wanted to wear something that would hold his attention. That bra was always in my “underwear for special occasions” drawer. However, I found it in my “underwear for work” drawer. I would never wear that bra to work! Not unless I wanted to give the guy from the mailroom wet dreams for a week!

At first I just thought that I was imagining the rearrange, and then I thought maybe he was being nice and doing my laundry for me. But I noticed that he never even asked about the laundry when I was around. It didn’t dawn on me that it was him for a while. I thought of every possible scenario but that.

The cat was jumping into my drawer and doing it. That couldn’t be it, though. I had made a conscious effort to close the drawer, and unless Mr. Claws had grown wings I hadn’t seen before, he wasn’t the culprit.


Caught in Red Panties


Finally, one day I caught my boyfriend up to his elbows in my sexy panties. I remember the day well. I had gotten off early from work because I had some shopping to do. My man’s birthday was coming up and I had decided to get him something special. So I stopped off at the lingerie boutique for his favorite things.

I bought a garter belt and stockings and a black bustier. I also picked up some edible red panties, cherry flavor, just for fun. Then I made a quick stop to pick up takeout from a nice restaurant and I was headed home. I opened the door, calling his name.

As I looked into the living room area, I thought I saw him scamper out of the room– in my red thong!! At first I thought I was just imagining it. I put my things down and went to find him.

There he was in our bedroom, struggling to hide the evidence of his deeds! I’ll admit I was a little freaked out by this turn of events, but this was the man that I loved, and I could see such fear in his eyes when he looked at me. He started babbling about how sorry he was, and how he didn’t understand it either and to please not stop loving him.

“Of course I love you,” I said. “But what I don’t understand is, how you could buy a pair of red pumps…” I pointed to the shoes he had tried to hide in the corner, “and you didn’t buy a pair in my size?” I smiled at him. He looked shocked and began to cry.

As I said, I was a little freaked myself and had lots of questions, but that would come later. Right now, my man needed to know that wearing my panties and strutting around in heels wasn’t a capitol crime in my book.


Sexy Panties are Hot Even on Him


“You’re okay with this?” he asked, looking down at his cock squeezed into my thong. I nodded, saying that my brother had done it all the time when we were kids. I had never told my brother that I knew about his forays into my underwear drawer, but he always wanted to cross dress for Halloween, so it wasn’t hard to figure out.

I slid my arms around him and kissed him. I told him it was okay and laughed softly as I felt his cock stiffen. I thought about the takeout and ice cream by the door and wondered if I should mention the food to him. No, I thought as he kissed my neck and picked me up. It could wait. I love that my man wears panties!

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