My Sissy Husband


My husband is a sissy husband- a little sissy slut. Yes, it’s true. I’ve known this since the day I walked in on him sucking the cock of  his best friend and business partner. At first I was so shocked, hurt and angry that all I could do was plot ways to kill him and eat chocolate ice cream. After I came out of my sugar induced coma, I began to see things I had missed.

I had known that he liked to wear my clothes for years. I don’t think he ever caught on that I knew and I never brought it up to him. I would just find my underwear drawer rearranged. I was never as happy as the day he learned how to put on panty hose without putting a hole in them.

I almost confronted him once when I realized that he had put his huge man fingers through every pair I had on the day I was running late for a very important business meeting. Anyway, after catching him in bed with a guy, I decided to use the guilt he felt to get my revenge.


Humiliation Revenge on My Sissy Husband


Humiliation revenge sissy husband 18+I humiliated my sissy husband at every opportunity. I called him a sissy in front of his friends no matter where we were or what we were doing. I even told our dinner guests one night about how I had caught him sucking another guy’s cock and how shocked I was to find him doing it. My husband is a very private man and I could see that he was horrified that I had told our friends and business associates his biggest secret over gazpacho.

Our friends were equally stunned and found reasons to leave soon after my announcement, but I didn’t care. My husband deserved to squirm and I was going to make sure that he did…often. As I said, he felt very guilty that he had gotten caught, so he didn’t yell at me for outing him or anything. He knew I would have a fit if he did and he hates confrontations, the pussy.

We didn’t talk about divorce. I’m sure he didn’t want me telling the whole sordid story in open court. As a matter of fact, we didn’t talk much at all. He continued to have sex with his business partner when I wasn’t in the house, so he thought I didn’t know. Actually I had set up hidden cameras to catch them and then posted the video on online for the entire world to see.

Again, he said nothing to me, but I could tell he was pretty freaked out when he saw the pictures on his favorite social networking website. I just smiled at him and said that paybacks were a bitch. He, of course said nothing, but his pale face said it all.


Then I Met My Lover


After a few months, I decide to find myself a lover. Sex was pretty much a done deal with the hubs now and since he was certainly not celibate, I thought that he would not begrudge me a little something on the side. So my lover was younger man who was a junior partner at my law firm.

One afternoon we were having sex while we were on an extra-long lunch break. As luck would have it, my husband walked in on us in bed. I smiled and laughed and introduced him to my lover as “my sissy ass husband.” Then I ordered him to leave the room before I forced him to suck my lover’s cock. Looking terrified but turned on, my husband fled the room. So I heard the front door slam downstairs.


My New Plan


But that had given me an idea that I couldn’t forget. Somehow, I would make my husband suck a stranger’s cock in front of our friends. It would be the perfect way to humiliate him. So I set up a dinner party and found a guy at a local strip club who was willing to come to the party for a fee. Soon I had it all organized and ready. It was going to be perfect.

The dinner party started like any other. We had food and lots of wine and other alcohol. After dinner, we all went to the living room to talk. Then the doorbell rang. In walked my stripper who walked straight over to my husband. I had shown him a picture. We were all pretty drunk, so no one seemed surprised when the guy strips to a g string and gives my husband a lap dance.

He was shocked, but I could tell he was aroused too. When he finished the lap dance, the stripper turns to my husband and whispers to him to suck his cock. Without a second thought, my husband grabs his g string and does as he is told. It was a night to remember. My husband is such a sissy!

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