Picking the Perfect Sissy Purse


You need a sissy purse. You love dressing up in your girlie girl things, and going out, but you need some information on that all important article of female clothing—the purse. Now I know that it really isn’t an actual piece of clothing, but it’s just as necessary as any shirt or dress in the closet. A good handbag is priceless to a woman. But where do you start to choose one?

I’m here to help! Choosing a handbag should be easy, if not fun. First decide what you’re willing to spend. Cheap purses are just as useful as expensive ones and most women have a few in their wardrobes. If you want to go all out for a designer bag, they can run you upwards of $5000 for a limited edition. If that’s what your little girlie heart desires, go for it, but do some test with inexpensive ones first.


A Purse For All Seasons


Most genetic women have been carrying purses for years. They have learned through trial and error what style they like and what style works best for them. My suggestion for starting out is look at all kinds of purses online and in the stores. If you feel comfortable doing it, try them on in the store or ask a woman friend to let you look at their collection. Most women have more than one. Some even have more than one style of purse, but some women prefer one style and just have different colors of the same style.

Confusing? Let me explain. Most women know what they like and don’t like in a handbag. I know I will pay a lot of money for a bag that is what I want and won’t pay a dime for one that I don’t like. So try to decide what kind of handbag you like. Ask yourself what you want to carry in your purse and where you’ll be when you’re carrying it.

Sissy purse . feminization advice 18+These questions are essential to finding the right purse for the occasion and for you. The most important things to know when picking out a handbag are: how big does it need to be and where are you going with it.

There was a time a few decades ago when women didn’t carry white or lighter colored bags after Labor Day and stopped using darker colored bags over Memorial Day weekend. I don’t think it matters that much anymore, but if you’re a traditionalist, then this is something you might want to consider. Also, if you are buying a bag to match an outfit, it’s best to take the outfit with you to get a perfect match.


Sissy Purse Types and Styles


Now, let’s talk about purse styles. I will name a few here, but you can do a search for handbags and see pictures of most styles. First, the clutch—this is usually a tiny purse that is meant to hold just a few small items like a mirror and a lipstick tube. These are used for occasions where you are formally dressed, like weddings, debutante balls and other formal events.

They are just what they sound like—a bag to be clutched in the hand. That is the traditional clutch, but some designers are now putting thin straps on them so they can be worn on the shoulder or a cross the body. Clutches can usually be bought with the dress and dyed the same color by the boutique.

Then there are should bags and cross body bags. Shoulder bags are meant to either be carried in the hand or on the shoulder. These come in many different shapes and sizes. Cross body bags are purses that can be carried on the shoulder or the strap is long enough to be put over the head so that the bag hangs across the body.

These are good in their own way because it is hard for a purse to be stolen or grabbed from someone when it is worn this way. Women are advised to carry this type of bag when traveling for this reason.

There are also satchel bags and messenger bags. Messenger bags are usually large and are meant to carry lots of things. They usually have a flap that is attached to the back and comes over and locks somehow in the front of the bag. Satchels can sometimes be a smaller version of this type.

There are many other types of purses. Should sissies carry a handbag? Hell yeah, you need a sissy purse! If you’re going to a party, going to the grocery store or just hanging out in front of your full length mirror, a nice bag is essential to any girlie wardrobe!

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