Proper Sissy Behavior


I just love an obedient sweet sissy who knows proper sissy behavior. It’s like having another girlfriend around! I like My girls to always be shaved and smooth that’s definitely tenet number one. I want every inch of you hairless and soft for Me.

Proper Sissy Behavior 18+ feminization training


The next step is to get rid of all of your boy underwear. There should be not one stitch of tighty whities or boxer briefs in your underwear drawer. I’m sure it will be freeing for you to get rid of all of those things anyway because we’ll be building your wardrobe into the frilly fabulousness that you’ve always dreamed about!

I expect you get a pair of practice heels to walk in. Perhaps 3inch ones to start then you can graduate to higher heels once you’ve learned to carry yourself well and with grace. You want to be able to hold your head up high and carry yourself with elegance. I find an old trick from the 50’s of balancing a book on your head while in heels helps you to keep good posture while walking in them.

If you do not already have long hair I think purchasing a wig would definitely help to complete your ensemble and help you feel more feminine. I also suggest that My sissies look in fashion magazines and pick out styles they like. It’s always good to have a general idea of style genre before you go shopping or you’ll end up having a mismatched closet where lots of things don’t go together.


Proper Sissy Behavior: Coordinating your Feminine Style


Real women coordinate and it will be your personal mission to make sure the clothes you’re going to get mix and match with each other. I think it’s also important to get into some formal sissy rituals that make you feel feminine. I suggest taking a nice bubble bath with some scented candles at least once a week.

Experiment with different perfumes that bring out your best gurly self. Make-up is also a womanly ritual you can get into on a regular basis. There is nothing more fun and creative than putting on make-up. You will have so much fun deciding what kind of make-up to get and also learning the art of putting it on as well. If you build these feminine rituals into your day you’ll find that being girly will come naturally to you as time passes.

As you become more of the girl you want to be perhaps you’ll get bolder and go for a bra fitting. Every woman needs to know what size bra she wears and it will also give you an opportunity to make a connection at the lingerie store. You should also practice going to bed in a nightie or a cute pajama set.

Think of how awesome it would be to sleep in a satin pajama set! I know if you’re a beginning sissy it can be a bit overwhelming but if you take it one step at a time you will be on your way to having proper sissy behavior and being the best sissy you can be!

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