Roleplaying Ideas for Coerced Feminization Novices


For those who long for coerced feminization, the ultimate goal of coercion by a dominant woman can be -among other reasons- humiliation; punishment; reinforcement of submission; and/or transference of responsibility for a desired but taboo behavior (dressing in women’s lingerie and clothing) to the woman, who is offering no choice in the matter. Whatever your reason for wanting to be made to get dressed up, the following role-play ideas can be modified to suit your tastes:


Coerced Feminization Idea #1: Macho Man Is Turned Into a Simpering Sissy 


coerced Feminization roleplay 18+You’re a man’s man – and one who is not so nice to women. In fact, you have so insulted and mistreated your ex, that she has recruited a dominant woman to lure you into a sexy private setting, allowing you to believe you are going to use her as your sexual plaything. Then the tables are turned on you.

Maybe she has discovered your secrets and threatens to use them against you to lead you into coerced feminization. Perhaps she is the owner of the company for whom you are employed – and you have never seen her until now, when she reveals her power over you and your career. In any event, you are “trapped” and have no choice but to do her bidding. She is going to teach you a lesson by sissifying you and treating you like her pretty little femme toy. (In addition to sissification, this fantasy can easily include humiliation, body worship, anal play / strap-on sex, domme-guided bi/cocksucking, cum-eating, spanking, guided masturbation, and/or tease and denial.)


Coerced Feminization Idea #2: Dressing Up the Shy Girly Boy


She’s seen you longingly staring at women in gorgeous dresses and heels. She’s noticed the way you fold her panties with great care and attention. On more than one occasion, it has looked as though your pouty lips were a hint of lipstick stain. Whom do you think you’re kidding? You know you’re a sissy; she knows you’re a sissy.

Now, it’s time for the truth to come out when she sets aside an evening of coerced feminization to dress you up and have you confess your true sissy identity, which sets off an evening of playing dress up. (This scene can readily accommodate the addition of verbal, small penis, and public humiliation; guided masturbation; cum-eating; and tease and denial.)


Crossdresser Idea #1: Caught With Her Panties


You thought you were being crafty while indulging in your desire to wear some panties and other feminine items while all alone. You never thought she might come home early and catch you in the act! Now you’re busted, and making you wear those panties is only going to be the beginning of your “punishment” for being sneaky. (This fantasy scene has the great advantage of being taken in many different directions, including humiliation [public display, verbal], discipline/spanking, cum-eating, tease and denial, edging, and guided masturbation.)


Crossdresser Idea #2: Mistress Wants a Wife


You long to wear lovely dresses, pearls, and heels every day. You enjoy maintaining the household -from keeping a fresh pot of coffee made to vacuuming and dusting to preparing and serving a lovely dinner. When your Coerced Feminization Mistress returns home after a long day, you enjoy welcoming her home, doting on her, and attending to her every need. In short, YOU are perfect submissive wife material, precisely what your Mistress needs, and she is going to bring out your full femininity and wife potential.

You bathe her, dress her, cook and clean for her… Perhaps she teaches you how a woman has sex, how to flaunt your body in sexy lingerie, and/or how to fluff and satisfy both herself AND her lover. You are that attentive wife who does it all! (Per individual tastes and preferences, various manifestations of humiliation (SPH, public display), assplay/strap-on sex, tease and denial, chastity, discipline, body worship, domme-guided bi, and cuckolding can be easily worked into the CD wife scenario.)


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