Skirt Styles for Cross Dressers

Are you one of our cross dressers in search of different types of skirts?
There are different looks for you and your cross dressing needs and style in
skirts – whether you love them to be long, or super short! Read more about theSkirt Styles for Cross Dressers 18+
different cross dresser skirt styles!

*A-line skirts*

This is the basic skirt that has been customized to a great extent. With
slight flare having rough shape of capital letter ‘A’, it fits at the waist
while slightly touching hips and thighs; it is broader at the hem. This is a
great skirt for cross dressers who want to have more curves to her figure!

*Flared Skirts*

Actually, flared skirts are A-line skirts, but they have extra flare which
beautifully covers the fat over hips and thighs. Cross dressers who are thin
can also try this out in large prints as it will give a voluptuous

*Straight Skirts*

Just true to its name, straight skirt falls rightly from the hip. These
skirts suit almost everyone, though depending upon the body shape, length and

waistline, results may vary.

*Pencil Skirts*

Hugged to the body from the waist to just above the knee, these skirts come
in stretch material and with a back slit at times. Such skirts go only with
slim and skinny figures as they emphasize the hips and the derriere.

*Mini Skirts*

These casual and sexy skirts are loved more by men than women because they showm more leg. Mini skirts can be very short and just right to reveal a beautiful pair of legs. Short
cross dressers can always rely on this because mini skirts elongate the legs, though the mini skirt is a great way for tall cross dressers to show off a pair of long, sexy gams!

*Pleated Skirts*

Pleated skirts appear best in short length, just above the knees. The flare
of this skirt is reduced by plates and it fits the waist. It looks nice on
both, slim and a little plump figures.

As you can see, there are many alternatives for cross dressers as to what
to wear! Need additional help dressing or choosing the right skirt? Many of
our ladies can help you at!

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