Telling Your Girlfriend You are a Panty Boy

Admit it. You are a panty boy. You are obsessed with her panties, and not only on her body – but yours! You are a panty boy, a crossdresser, and you are wondering if you should tell her that you wear her panties while she’s away. Have you found that you make accidents inside of them?

Stretch them out because you are a little bigger than she is? Try to wash them and put them back right where the panties were left? You are a panty boy – aren’t you? So – should you tell her? If you decide to – here are a few ways to broach the subject that you are indeed a panty boy.

panty boy confession tell your girlfriend you are a panty boyFirst, you can always, jokingly, put on a pair of them and see how she would react. Let’s face it, a lot of girlfriends have had their boyfriends put on their panties as a “ha ha” joke to get a laugh. Sure, she might laugh, but she also may not mind you wearing panties, and might even find them sexy too.

Another option is to tell her whilst you are fooling around. Tell her that you love to be close to her, and one of the ways you love it is when she is away, you wear her panties. They turn you on to know that she wears them all day, so you wear them to feel her!

Perhaps another way is to look into a lingerie catalog together, or go through a store and look through panties. Ask her, tongue in cheek, how a certain type of panties might look on you. Watch her reaction and see how she responds. Does she think it’s sexy? Does she think it’s amusing? Who knows? You might be walking out with a new pair of panties, panty boy!

Of course, you can just tell her, straight out, that you love panties. Let her know it’s nothing creepy, you just love the feeling of soft cotton, or satin, or lace panties rubbing against you.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with men wearing panties. There is plenty wrong with being a panty boy and NOT wearing panties! Enjoy your panties, panty boy, and your girlfriend may just love you in them too!

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