Ten Things Every Crossdresser Should Own

By: Maureen Noelle


Are you a crossdresser? Like any talent, crossdressing is a skill; an art that is learned and perfected over time. From the time you first applied lipstick or strapped on a pair of heels and attempted to walk, you strive to learn how to become more passable and more authentic in your appearance. Your feminization skills are developed through practice and repetition.

A crossdresser learns something new about transformation each time he makes the change from man to woman. Once you master the basics, you progress into the details and subtleties that make you more passable. From the first-timers to the most knowledgeable crossdressers, you continually become aware of something new to help you become the woman you dream of.

From the necessities to the all-important little details, here is a list of ten items that every serious crossdresser should have:

1. Breastforms – These may be the most expensive item in your wardrobe, but in my opinion, they are an absolute must. A good pair of silicone breastforms will give you the look, curves, and weight to make you a more believable woman. You can get them in whatever size you desire, from A to DD and beyond. Along with breastforms, you will want to invest in a good adhesive to keep them attached to your chest. Although not absolutely necessary, you might also consider a pair of nipples to give you that ‘finishing touch’ when you slip on your top over your bra. Technically, that’s three items under one heading but if you’re going for the ‘total package’, they’re three good things to consider as you begin your journey into femininity.

2. A Properly Fitted Brassiere – Since we’re talking about breasts, this is a must-have garment to own and it’s something that you can’t always pick out properly by yourself. You may consider this embarrassing but to me, it’s best to have a professional measure you for the correct size bra.

You can always use the excuse of a costume party or Halloween to justify the reason. Even though cup size and bra length is important, don’t neglect the shoulder straps. Make sure they are adjusted to keep your breasts at the perfect level. You don’t want your boobs just under your neck but you also don’t want them down to your belly button either. It’s the little details that make a big difference in your appearance.

3. Gaff – The biggest obstacle in looking like a real woman is that package that bulges out from between your legs. A gaff is a garment that is designed to give you the illusion of a flat pelvic area. It looks like a pair of panties but holds your private parts securely between your legs and removes that embarrassing bulge in your pants, skirt, or dress.

Feminine desires 18+ Feminization4. Padded panties – If you tend to be a little bit flat in the behind, there are panties with foam padding in the butt and hips to give you more of a girlish figure since women tend to be a little more round in the bottom than men. The only drawback to padded panties that since they tend to be longer in the legs, you can’t really wear short shorts or a miniskirt over them without something still visible underneath. Yes, you sacrifice fashion possibilities but you gain curvature!

5. Waist Cincher Speaking of curvature, you will also benefit by having something to help flatten your tummy and give you more of the oh-so-important “hourglass” shape that women always strive for.

There are plenty of corsets, girdles, and cinchers to choose from but comfort is the most important issue here. You want to find something that will wear comfortably for an extended time and still give you flexibility in the waist and room to breathe.

6. A Favorite Wig – While you can change your hairstyle and color to suit your mood, you should have at least one wig that will flatter you no matter what. You should be able to wear for any occasion from a night on the town to running errands. The style and color should suit your personality so when selecting this item, the sky’s the limit! You can be sensible or you can be the next Lady Gaga if you so choose.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, the following items are to help make you more passable to others and more believable to yourself. If you plan on going out in public, your female persona should wear nothing that you would normally wear yourself. As a woman, you have your own distinctive personality and there are items, even though they seem small, get noticed and help make a difference between man and woman.

7. Boots – Every respectable crossdresser should have at least one pair of women’s boots in her wardrobe. In today’s society, boots are a fashionable and functional accessory that can dress up almost any outfit. I recommend a basic black leather boot than comes no higher than just below the knee.

Heel height and style is whatever you are most comfortable with but I recommend a smaller heel if you intend on wearing your boots for an extended time. Remember, the higher the heel, the more strain on your calves the longer you wear them.

8. A Woman’s Watch – It might be a small detail but it can have an impact on you when you’re accessorizing. You go to great effort when you pick jewelry to wear: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc… Your watch should be just as important. Choose a watch that has a definite feminine flair to it. Speaking from experience, a man’s watch on a woman sticks out like a sore thumb.

9. False Eyelashes – This is an optional item to have but I feel that nothing helps set off a woman’s eyes more than a sexy pair of eyelashes. Yes, you can use mascara to lengthen and make your lashes more full but false eyelashes can do that for you without going to the extra step with makeup.

You will need to practice applying them several times before you get comfortable with them but once you’ve mastered the application process, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them!

10. A Cell Phone – Ultimately, you can choose to wear whatever you want to make you feel feminine, attractive, and sexy but if you intend on going out in public, then a cell phone is not only an essential item, it could be vital to your survival.

While you may know places that are crossdresser friendly or openly public, at some point, you may come across a person or people that will see through your illusion and respond with hostility.

A cell phone is your lifeline to police, medical assistance, or even just a good friend that can come to your rescue if needed. This is the one item than can literally save your life and that is the most important item of all.

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ten things every crossdresser must have

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