The Cross Dressing Novice: A Beginner’s Guide to Cross Dressing


Are you a curious novice when it comes to cross dressing? Then grab your creativity and the Mistresses of FemPhone will show you how to transform yourself into a sexy, beautiful woman!

First, we must define what cross dressing is so you know that you’re doing it right. Cross dressing is defined as the wearing of clothes designed for the opposite sex. Society seems to not think much of women dressing in men’s clothes. The thought of a bare-legged woman in nothing but a man’s tailored shirt is very sexy to most. But when you boys try on hosiery attached to garter belts and a frilly pair of panties, underneath a taffeta gown, frowned brows unfortunately may be turned in your direction! But fear not, cross dressing is alive and well – and fun to boot! In fact, many married heterosexual and homosexual couples are having erotic fun times in the bedroom playing dress-up! So sit back and learn how.


Cross Dressing: To Shave Or Not To Shave?

The first step in crossdressing is to decide how far you want to take it. Do you want to shave your legs so the silk stockings don’t snag against your unsightly hair? Do you want the delicate lacing of your bra to snare your chest hairs and bring tears to your eyes? If you want to become a full cross dresser and take full advantage of what women’s clothing has to offer, you have to go all the way and shave those pubes, pits, tits and legs!

After you are done removing your man fur, you now have a blank canvas on which to paint your perfect portrait. The first layer of women’s clothing is skin, lightly scented with a fine perfume. If you’re going this far, don’t be cheap. When it comes to perfume, less is more and an enticing unisex perfume can serve more than one purpose in and out of the bedroom.


Undergarments for Cross Dressing

guide to cross dressing 18+The next layer demands your creativity and playfulness. First of all, decide if you want to crossdress like an innocent maiden or a sultry temptress. There are many fashions to choose from when it comes to undergarments. Set your tone and go with it but be consistent. There is nothing like a granny bra and a hot, lacy g-string to set off even the most tolerant fashion police. Just don’t do it! If you’re going to go granny go down to the panties! Sticking with one color and fashion ensures that you will look as sexy and you want to be.

There are many types of material to choose from when you pick out sexy undergarments. You can chose from basic breathable and comfortable cotton, or silk that rubs against your skin ever so gently. We will start from the bottom and work upwards. Garments to choose for your legs include stockings, panty hose, bobby socks, knee highs, thigh-highs, and garter belts. Choose a pair of panties that set the tone for the persona you are taking on. Types of panties include thongs, briefs, g-strings, bikinis, boy shorts, and hipsters. Have fun choosing panties. With a plethora of colors, textures, and patterns, the possibilities are endless. It is at this time you should decide whether or not you want your manhood concealed or just left out to enjoy the show.


Covering A Cross Dresser’s Mid-Section

Now we move to the mid-section. If you chose to show your bare belly, you may skip this section and go directly to bras. But for those that want some support and the shear comfortableness of silk caressing you, there are many selections to choose from. There are corsets, camisoles, bustiers, baby dolls, basques, chemises, teddies, teddiettes. Or you can tie your legs and mid-section together with a figure forming body stocking. This may be the best option for those sissies and crossdressers who have larger mid-sections that need to be hidden in order to give you that much sought after hour glass figure.


Bras for Cross Dressing

When you get to the chest, if you didn’t already cover it with one of the above items, bra selection is vital. It is also during this step that you must decide whether you want to give yourself breasts or just wear a teeny-weeny bra size. This can be difficult when looking for a bra especially if you have girth around your chest. It is much easier for a crossdresser to find a 48 inch bra if you are looking for a large cup size as well. There are silicone breast inserts that set inside a bra without making the big commitment. There also bras that have water inserts directly within the material. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there is always the options of blowing up two balloons.


Gross Dressing Ensemble

Once your basic canvas is created and you’ve painted it well, there are endless selections to choose from when looking for the right ensemble to wear. We will not elaborate on this area as you have all seen women dress your entire life. At this point, you should know what NOT to wear. If you haven’t already done so, figure this out and you’ll know what to wear. Look around, fashion is everywhere. Crossdressing is meant to be fun, so play around with different looks for your body type!

Accessories Make The Woman!

Last but not least: accessorize. Accessories are much like the icing on a cake, especially for a crossdresser. From hats to handbags, earrings and shoes, you have many decisions to make. Once again we start from the bottom and work our way up.

You can totally spoil your look when you wear the wrong pair of shoes. A very famous dictator’s wife went to the extreme. You, however, need only find the right pair of shoes for your new look. Choose wisely, you would not want to ruin your outcome at this stage. Do not be that crossdresser who is caught wearing flip flops with a sexy cocktail dress and just as importantly, if you are going for the Judy Garland look, do not wear tennis shoes. Choose your footwear according to the tone you have already set. Your shoes should match the character of your outer clothing as well as accent your undergarments should you want to be naughty!

Belts can accent your midriff or call attention to it, especially for a burly crossdresser who is trying to hide that mid-section. Matching is very important when choosing a belt. Many pant, shirt and dress styles are gathered at the waist and do not require a belt. If you are wearing a dress that has belt loops, make sure you have a belt through them or clip the small loops off.

Choose one focus piece of jewelry or accessory such as a hat to accent the upper body and the remaining pieces as supplements to the focal selection. Don’t be that crossdresser with pounds of mismatched jewelry on! If you choose to wear a dominant hat, keep your necklace and rings simple but elegant. Vice-versa if you chose a larger broach or necklace, choose a simple head dress or simply none at all.

Now its time to stand back and apply the final layer…your attitude and your confidence! Give our Feminization Mistresses a call, today!

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