The History of High Heels


High heels are sexy and make you feel very feminine. That’s why our feminization loving clients adore slipping into a pair and the higher the heel the better. After all, a cross dresser who can walk in six inch heels is clearly more feminine than one who can barely teeter along on two inch ones. Everyone knows that right?

Not true! In fact, I bet you didn’t know that Marie Antoinette herself made her infamous appearance on her balcony in a pair of heels that were barely two-inches high. Of course, at the time high heels were banned, so even those two inches were a rebellion, but it just goes to show you that it’s the way you wear it not the height of the heel.

History is fun, especially when it’s about shoes! As a cross dresser, have you ever wondered about the history of high heels? Have you ever looked at those beautiful shoes and wondered where they came from and why we all started wearing them in the first place? Maybe you just love the look of high heel shoes when you cross dress, and couldn’t care less about history, but if you do – read on! The history of the high heel is right at your feet!


How it All Began


The sensual elegance of high heels started as many things in our modern day society started, as part of a ceremony. In ancient Egypt, men and women who were considered to be of higher class were high heels. Of course they were made differently than ours, but if you check out photos

history of high heels
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 you’ll see they had a very similar look to the platform wedge sandals of today.

They didn’t use them as daily foot wear, but instead for ceremonial purposes, but they were certainly part of this often sensual culture. Not surprising since these are the same sexy group who started wearing lipstick to make men imagine a woman’s lips around their cock.

Then in ancient Greece and Rome, platform sandals were worn by actors and were used in stage performances to portray the status of the characters, higher heels meaning higher status. It was during the Renaissance era, that the heels began to be made from cork or wood and are believed to be a precursor to the high heel that we wear still today.

There was a point in time they were outlawed and considered pointless and useless, only to reappear again and again. In the 1400s, “chopines”, or high platform shoes, were created in Turkey and were popular throughout Europe for the elite of society. High heels became a status symbol of wealth and power and they still are in a way. After all we are Goddesses and we wear high heels and you just hope to try to look as good as we do!


Making a Fashion Statement with Your Heels


High heels remained a status symbol for years, falling out of favor with almost everyone until Catherine de Medici made them a fashion statement again. She was barely five feet tall and felt in completion for her fiance’s affection with his Mistress. He was the future King of France, Duke of Orleans, and she felt insecure standing next to his much taller Mistress.

Deciding to rectify this situation, she began wearing high heels. She looked so regal and sexy that soon, everyone wanted a pair of high heels to wear that would help them look taller and appear more sensual and confident when they walked. At this time heels were still worn by both men and women, becoming the height of fashion. By 1700, King Louis XIV would also wear high heels. Of course, his were more “manly” with battle scenes painted on them, but they were heels nonetheless.

While high heeled shoe has gone through many changes and is now largely only worn by women, and hot rocker guys on stage, high heeled shoes are more popular than ever. The feminist movement denounced them and then embraced them again, as women made the choice to wear ever higher heels.

Stilettos and miniskirts came into fashion together and have never left us. These are the iconic images we know you desire to duplicate when looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as a sexy female.

We want to know how high you can go and still sashay like a lady. So, get yourself ready to show us how proud you are of your high heels, and give us a call at!

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