What Do Your Panties Say About You?


That’s right sissies, those panties that you choose without even thinking, the ones you steal or just grab and run because they are pink, they are saying something about what kind of sissy you are. The type of panty you choose matters and you need to start thinking about what kind of sissy you really want everyone to see you as when you slipping into those naughty sexy undergarments.

Whether you are a sissy who wears panties every day all day or one who only slips them on at night, it matters what kind you choose. Even if you just love the idea of being feminized and panties are the way you get yourself all excited, you know what you like best and that says something about the kind of sissy you may be or the kind you hope to be one day.

Does this sound like you? Of course it does! You are a sissy! All sissies adore panties and you probably spend hours on stores or online fantasizing about buying that perfect panty pair. So let’s find out what kind of panties you gravitate too and discover your true sissy personality!


Girlie and Frilly Panties


what do your sissy panties say about you 18+ sissy pantiesWe are going to start with the most purchased and easiest to find, silky bikini panties. While very womanly, these panties say that you are a serious sissy, who wants to be seen as a real woman. You do like to be naughty though and would most likely make a perfect sissy maid, so you can bend over to polish your Mistress’ silver and show off those panties to the man of house.

Not too slutty, but not too frilly. The very frilly sissies, prefer panty option number two, the lacy panties! Aside from the possibly chafing, these panties speak about your refined approach to feminization, and you love to play hard to get. You most like prance a bit when you walk and would see yourself as more of a girlfriend than a sissy maid, though you’d happily don a French Maid’s uniform to strut around in.

Getting evermore girlish we have the panties every sissy dreams of and has at least one pair of! PINK panties! These are the ultimate in sissy panty wear. However if you have only pink panties than you are one of those sissies, who see themselves as ultra-feminine. Pink is your signature color and most likely everything you have is pink pink pink.

From your panties, to your sheets and curtains, you love pink! From the sassiest of sissies in pink to the sweetest of sissies in plain white cotton panties! You like to pretend you are pure and virginal, slipping into those panties and covering up all your naughty parts. But really you are just like the secretly bad girl next door, who hides her secrets and waits for the chance to be very bad, pulling down those white panties and showing your ass to all the guys!


Adventurous and Fun


These are the ones you all dream of wearing, panties that are so naughty and slutty they almost make you feel like you are having sex even when you aren’t. And first up in those is the thong panty! These panties with their tight strap right up the crack of your ass, say that you are a sissy who is ready to party with the big men.

You are adventurous and want to try new things, not just sucking but also anything that involves playing with that bad sissy butt! You probably also love toys as well. I think the idea of being a stripper suits you well. This goes for the ass-less panties as well.

Crotchless aren’t your thing, since no matter how small it is we still want to cover up your “thing”, but those assless ones, are for you. You are past adventurous and into downright slutty!

Last but not least, the vinyl panty. You are kinkiest of the kinky when it comes to being a sissy. There is nothing innocent or frilly about you. You want sex and are ready to do anything it takes to get it. Nothing turns you off and having some BBC cum all over you, well that just makes your night even better.

I can see you offering to work in back rooms at the strip club or maybe even enjoying being the special party favor at a get together. You want to be spanked or maybe do a little spanking of your own. It doesn’t matter what it is – as long as it’s kinky – you’re in!

There you have it sissies! Now go dig through your drawers or look down and check out what kind of panties you are wearing and see just what it says about you!

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