What Does Cross Dressing Mean to You?


What does cross dressing mean to you? The term “cross dresser” can mean different things to different people. To some people it means a guy who wants to live as a woman and dress this way all the time. To others, it means a guy who wants to put his on his wife’s panties and wear them around the house on Saturday mornings while she’s at brunch.

Did you know that most women are cross dressers and no one ever gives that behavior a second thought? I always thought that men should be able to wear women’s clothes if they wanted to, because I, for one, would never stop wearing blue jeans!

Are you a man who enjoys cross dressing? If you are, what type are you? I love playing dress up with any guy in panties. I’ve enjoyed conversations with men who want advice on what nail polish goes best for a summer poolside barbeque to high powered lawyers who wear silk teddies under their Armani suits. I love all aspects of cross dressing.


Cross Dresser: Different Ways of Living the Life


Feminine Desires, explore feminine crossdressing desiresFor those of you who want to know more about cross dressing there are several different ways to express this sexy lifestyle. First of all, not all cross dressers are gay. Many consider themselves either straight or bisexual. So don’t automatically think that someone is gay if he likes to dress in his sister’s clothes. This is often not the case.

There are cross dressers that love to dress up and go out. They find a bar they like or go to the movies. They want somewhere to strut their stuff. I have talked to lots of cross dressers about their favorite places to shop and how to put on makeup. I once did a call with a guy on speaker phone trying to learn how to walk gracefully in high heels. He was going to attend his first cross dressing formal and he was very excited.

When he finally mastered it, he was so proud and I felt like I had accomplished something as well. He spent the rest of his session talking about the evening gown he had purchased and how difficult it had been to find panty hose in his size. The next day, he emailed me with all the juicy details. This is the kind of experience that makes me know I love my job as a phone Mistress for cross dressing men.

I also love talking to cross dressers who just do it in the privacy of their own home. These are men who have no desire to show off to the world. Are you one of these private gentlemen who want to call a Mistress to share your secret? Please do! I

love to listen to these men who want talk about such a private part of their lives. I had a longtime caller who would dress up in just a plain black pencil skirt and white Oxford and flat sandals to clean his apartment because it made him feel feminine. He has a really good job, dates women and happens to like cross dressing.


Cross Dresser: Under the Work Clothes


There also those men in the cross dresser community that like to wear their feminine clothing under their street clothes every day. My husband is one such cross dresser. I’ve known about his penchant for panties since before we married and I have always thought he looked so sexy in his lingerie and stockings.

I love being married to a cross dresser because I always know what to get him for gifts on holidays! He doesn’t go out openly dressed up, but you can bet that on any given day he has a lacy black bra and panties on under his jeans and t shirt or suit! He lets me choose some of his cross dressing clothes, and I love to go shopping with him because it’s like being able to buy double the amount of gorgeous pieces.

For some men, cross dressing is a sexual turn on. These hot cross dressers want to go out and hook up while dressed in their feminine clothes. They get a hard cock if they even think about putting their bras and panties on! If this is what you want to fantasize about, call me or one of the other feminization Mistresses here at LDW. We love talking about these and all the other great aspects of the cross dressing lifestyle and will happily talk about it with you or guide you.


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