What Is A Cross Dresser?


The day started off like any other day, go to work thinking of hanging out with your friends afterward and catching up during breaks. You happen to be walking by the open office door of one of your closest friends and see something startling. As you glance in at him on the phone, he’s leaning forward reaching for a pen and you see into the open neck of his shirt.

Is that a camisole?? It is!! Your best work buddy is wearing a black lace camisole under his navy blue oxford shirt. You look away and hurry back to your desk before he realizes that you were there. Did you really see that? You sit and stare at your blank computer screen in shock. You’ve heard the words “cross dresser”, but never given them much thought.

Does this mean your beer drinking and game watching buddy is gay? He couldn’t be! You and your wife have dinner parties and go to the country club with him and his wife all the time. They seem to have a strong relationship. He’s attentive and loving and you’ve never once caught him checking you out as you’ve changed clothes in the locker room at the gym. So now you’re wondering what is going on?


Being a Cross Dresser Isn’t All That Unusual


What is a crossdresser 18+First of all, relax! I’m here to enlighten you on the different types of cross dressers. Cross dressing is not the definition of deviant, nor is it really all that uncommon. Remember that women cross dress all the time. Ever thought of that? Do you think your wife is a sex-fiend or a lesbian if she wears jeans? Or boxers? Of course not! In fact she looks kind of sexy in your boxers doesn’t she *wink*

Basically, this is just a type of fetish that some men really enjoy, though for various reasons. You see, cross dressers usually fall into three types. The first one is the straight guy who just likes the way women’s clothes feel when he wears them. These guys quietly wear panties, stockings and other feminine clothing under their street clothes or in private.

They may or may not choose to tell anyone about their need to cross dress. Like almost all cross dressers, they go to great lengths to keep their love of satin and lace under wraps and may not even tell their significant other.


Loving Silk doesn’t make you gay!


Another type of cross dresser is the straight man who finds wearing women’s clothes sexually exciting. Their greatest turn on and fantasy is to fuck their significant other while wearing their favorite feminine outfit. These guys can either try to tell their mate about what really makes their cock hard or they can find a feminization Mistress that will help them live up to their true desires.

The first option is risky and can truly destroy lives if this revelation is received negatively. Most men in this situation choose not to tell unless they are absolutely certain that their partner will be able to accept the behavior. Since it’s almost impossible to know without a doubt if someone will be okay with it, this option is rarely taken.

So it is essential that the guy find a Mistress or a Phone Sex Mistress to take control and guide him into feeling comfortable being himself. A Mistress will tell him to put his panties on and stroke his cock through them or masturbate while in his favorite Chanel dress and Prada shoes and this makes him very happy.


Sometimes You Just Want to Be Feminine


The last, but certainly not least important of the cross dressers are the guys who dress up in girly clothes because they really want to feel feminine. These are men who while masculine biologically, still prefer to live their lives as women and love men (though nothing ever means everyone, some guys are lesbians at heart).

He may want to be glamorous and be able to wear the best party clothes, the glittery make up and the stripper heels. They want their hair and nails done and to look and feel as feminine as possible. These more feminine cross dressers sometimes see themselves as sissies, but not always, they might just feel like women. I

t is this lovely type of cross dresser that would want to live as a woman 24/7 or as close to it as possible and is often saddened to find it is difficult to have a life they truly desire.

So there you have the three types of male to female cross dressers. So now what do you do about your friend sitting in there in a black lacy camisole? I‘d suggest forgetting all about it. He will tell you about his adventures in heels if he feels like it.

Unless you have a secret yearning to cross dress, yourself. Then that would be great! Think of all you could talk about! And the make up tips you could share! You were the one checking out his chest in the first place, after all.

Did you enjoy this article? Give one of our femininzation Mistresses a call, today!


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