What Is A Sissy?


Listen up all you sissy girls out there!! Let’s talk about all the things that make you the beautiful girly girls you are! We all know that you have choices on how you present your sissy sides, but some new little sissy girls may not know all the ways that they can embrace their feminine whiles.

I will tell you about three basic types of sissies, although remember that there can be many variations on this great way of life. I’m here to just give you some basic guidelines as you start your unique sissy journey. I have three very different sissy girlfriends who are very dear to me, they each live a different side of the sissy lifestyle and each has a unique way of living and loving her life.


Sissy Sashay on Your Runway


what is a sissy 18+ First there is the Fashionista sissy, the one who loves to be dressed to the nines all the time. No baggy sweats and ponytails for you! No way, this one is pulled together at all times, right down to her Jimmy Choo’s. She has her nails done (acrylics with a fill every two weeks without fail!), and her hair shampooed and fixed weekly with root touch ups whenever necessary.

Model Sissy wouldn’t dare do housework or anything else that might mess up her manicure or her hair. Her closet is filled with dresses for every possible occasion and situation, from tiny miniskirts to go clubbing in to more sensible pieces to work in and you can believe that she looks flawless in every thing.

This is the kind of girly girl who buys her nail polish to match her lipstick. The make up is always perfectly applied and the exact colors that compliment that well maintained and always hairless skin! Shop until you drop is the motto of this sissy and everyone else just has to keep up!


Suzie Homemaker


This brings us to my second sissy girlfriend, who has her own brand of poise and grace. This girl wants to be a homemaker. She wants to find some really nice guy and settle down. She loves the simple dresses and sensible shoes. This “lady” drives a family car and craves the typical family lifestyle.

She loves aprons because she stays in the kitchen cooking up some love for her man. While not feeling the need for the Prada handbag or Chanel foundation, she always looks good when her man comes home. There simply isn’t a time when dinner isn’t on the stove.

The Martini is made just the way he likes it (dry with no olives) and it’s in his wife’s hand and a smile is on her face. Her idea of a perfect life is one with a warm cozy home, a man that knows how to treat an old fashioned “woman” like herself and the promise of love and stability for tomorrow.


Slutty and Sissy sound good together for a reason


Next we have the slutty sissy. She has yet another type of poise and grace. She gets super excited when she falls to her knees and takes a cock in her mouth. Not that she is a bad person. No, this is a sissy who needs lots of gratification and attention. If you go out with her, she will want you to take her on an adventure she won’t soon forget. She is game for anything and everything.

My friend the slutty sissy does things, like falling into some dude’s lap while pretending to be drunk just so she can grope him. She loves to publicly prance around in the most revealing clothes she can find and wants to be introduced to every guy in the room. Chances are that she will probably leave with one or more of those guys. She uses the stripper pole in the middle of the room at the party and her moves are good enough that she has tips at the end of the night.

These are three different types of girly girls. All are beautiful and unique in their own ways. So you don’t think you fit totally into just one category? So that just gives you the right to have some variety in your life. As you can see, some of my best friends are sissies, and I love them and learn from them daily. The point is to embrace your sissy self and have fun with who you are. Remember, there is no real “right” way to be a sissy. All of it is okay if you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy your life, who will?

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