What’s the Difference Between a Crossdresser and a Panty Boy?


I am a panty boy. I don’t get all dolled up completely in women’s clothes. I don’t do the hair, don’t do the makeup, and I certainly have no interest in trying to actually look like a woman. However, I do enjoy wearing women’s panties and lingerie in the privacy of the bedroom. Many people would consider this crossdressing and call me a cross dresser, but I do not. I consider myself a panty boy. Let me explain.

A few years ago, when my wife came to bed wearing a pair of silky black bikini panties with lace around the waist and legs, I told her how incredibly sexy she looked. And she did. As I reached around to embrace her, my hand slipped down to her ass; down to those oh-so-soft, silky panties. And that’s when something clicked.

I knew right then and there that I wanted more than anything in the world to feel that soft fabric caressing my ass, my cock and balls. I wanted to be the one wearing those panties!


Telling My Wife I Wanted to Wear her Panties

18+ crossdresser or panty boy

We made love that night and it was good, but I couldn’t stop thinking about slipping into those panties for myself. I started to say something several times but each time I stopped short, worried about what she would think of me. In the shower the next morning, I masturbated myself to orgasm (which didn’t take long) just thinking about what it would be like to wear those panties in front of my wife. To hear her call me her “panty boy.”

All day at work, I kept finding my thoughts drifting back to those panties and how it would feel if I were wearing them right then. Wondering what my coworkers would think if they knew I was wishing I was wearing panties instead of boxers.

Finally, at dinner that night, I just couldn’t contain myself any longer. “Honey,” I said. “Remember those sexy, soft, silky panties you wore to bed last night?” “Mmm-hmm,” she said, “I sure do!” “Why?”

I was a bundle of nerves, worried about what she might think, yet feeling the need to share my newfound “dirty little secret” with her, and I just blurted it out.

“Well, because they felt so soft and nice when I was caressing your ass through them that I wondered what it would feel like to have that silky material caressing my ass, my cock and balls.”


My Wife’s Reaction to My “Panty Boy” Confession


“Oooh,” she said in a teasing, slightly sarcastic voice. “You’re a panty boy!”

I tell you, that proclamation made my dick instantly hard. I couldn’t yet tell if her tone meant that she liked it and was getting off on teasing me about it or if she was apalled and was making fun of me for wanting to wear panties. Either way, my dick sure didn’t care!

“Yes, I suppose so,” I said. “Does that turn you off?”

“Hell, no!”, she said. “This is going to be a fun, new chapter in our sex life.” “In fact,” she said as she slipped of her skirt showing me she was still wearing those panties, “let me slip these off and put them on you right now!”

We couldn’t get back to the bedroom fast enough that first day and it was such an incredibly erotic experience that we both were more turned on that we had been in years! Since then, we’ve experimented with making love while we’re both wearing panties and stockings, of her putting me in panties and stockings to show that I’m not as much of a man as I think I am, of me wearing panties to work, me wearing various types of sexy lingerie, and a whole bunch of other things too naughty to mention here.

Let’s just say, that I’ve got no desire to ever be an official “cross dresser” but there’s no question about it; I am a panty boy, through and through!

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