Your Secret Panty Fetish Exposed


You have a panty fetish. Do you have a stash of panties hidden somewhere? Does your little stash call out to you at the most inopportune times? Do you find yourself longing to plunge your hand (or face) into the pile of satiny soft, lacy, fabric?

You have a secret and you are terrified someone will find you out. You are a closet panty lover and your worst nightmare is walking in the door from work one day and seeing the box–your box!–of panties sitting on the kitchen table. You thought you had hidden them so well; how did she ever find them?

Of course, there are the inevitable questions she will ask: Whose panties are these? Are you cheating on me?


Secret Panty Fetish: The Dreaded Admission


She never guesses you are the one wearing the panties, and to calm her down and reassure her you tell her they are yours. You have a secret panty fetish and are the one wearing the panties.

This admission is worse than cheating on her. Expect your wife or girlfriend to begin a freak out beyond anything you’ve ever witnessed. What kind of man wears panties? Are you gay? Do you want to become a woman?

Well, do you???


Oh, the Humiliation and the Excitement


secret panty fetish exposed 18+You burn all over from embarrassment and humiliation–and the worst part is, the more exposed you feel, the harder your dick gets.

You think this is the worst thing that could ever happen to you, but your mistress thinks it’s the best thing she’s heard all day! The mixture of agony and arousal in your voice fuels her passion to dominate you.

And you deserve everything you get.


Secret Panty Fetish: The Panty Purge


You’re of course going to promise your wife you’ll get rid of your panty collection. You’ll feel so much better now that the secret is out and you’ve been freed from your obsession. You’ll be a very good boy–for a little while.

Eventually you’ll begin longing for your secret panty stash. You’ll regret tossing them out. You’ll be overcome with an urge to shop for panties online. In time, you will be unable to resist silky, seductive lingerie, and you will begin your collection anew. Your only regret will be throwing out your favorite–discontinued style–panties.

You’ll find a better hiding place for your secret treasures. You’ll hope she doesn’t find them again because you know the second freak out will be exponentially worse than the first.


You are a Secret Panty Boy


You can never escape your secret panty fetish. It’s far too late to be reformed. Sexual desire moves in one direction–forward. You’ll never hear anyone say (truthfully) “I used to be obsessed with panties.”

is one woman who understands your need to be humiliated and turned into a nasty little panty boy. You have a wet spot in your panties every time you speak with her, and she’s become yet another obsession.

You’ve even gone so far as to let her see you wearing your panties on webcam. Your balls hung out in a ridiculous hairy camel toe, and the head poked out the top. Your cheeks burned as she laughed at you, but your embarrassment only fueled your hard on.

Accept the fact that this is who you are: you have a secret panty fetish. You are a man who needs to feel the mysterious caress of women’s lingerie on his skin. Your mistress knows all about you, and she accepts you even as she giggles and humiliates you.

You are a secret panty boy with a secret panty fetish, but you are not alone. Give one of our feminization Mistresses a call, today!

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