Hair Removal for the Novice Crossdresser and Sissy: A Guide To Soft and Feminine Skin


For the novice crossdresser and sissy, body hair removal can be daunting. Yes, the novice crossdresser may have experience shaving facially, but even shaving becomes complicated when used to remove body hair. A five o’clock shadow on the legs is unacceptable to most women.

When body hair is removed, it should stay removed for at least 24 hours. There are five common ways of hair removal, differing in terms of price, pain, and longevity: shaving, depilatories, epilators, waxing, and laser hair removal. For the crossdresser interested in being feminized but not removing body hair, it’s possible to camoflouge leg hair using hoisery.

Shaving the Crossdresser’s Legs (and other body parts)


Hair Removal crossdresser sissy 18+The groin is shaved first, followed by the underarms and then the rest of the body. Some beauty editors advocate using the cheapest razor possible, disposable single-bladed razors. With only one blade, there’s less chance of shaving goo (used cream, hair, and skin cells) gunking up the shave. The Gillette Mach 3 brand of razors has multiple blades and a cult following.

No matter the razor, when shaving pull the skin taut before applying the blades. Rinse the blades between each stroke. Depending on the coarseness of the hair and the quality of the blades, blades are replaced every 1-4 uses. Following these guidelines not only result in the smoothest and longest lasting shave possible, it also results in far fewer ingrown hairs. Barber shops offering beard shaving services is a good introduction to the art of a good shave.

Depilatories for Crossdressers and Sissies


The salon worker’s top complaint about waxing is the number of customers who come in for a wax (brazilian, full-body, etc) smelly, dirty or gross. Though a wax is decidedly non-sexual, the salon worker comes in contact with your intimate parts and it’s best to schedule the wax at a time when you’ll be as fresh-smelling as possible. Take a shower before-hand and scrub everywhere.

Waxing can be expensive. Many users report spending upwards of $150 a month for full body waxing. Depending on the speed of the wax technician, waxing once a month could take as little as one and a half hours.

If seduced by an advertisement of a painless wax, it helps to get details on the “painless” part. During the typical wax, hair is removed when a hot wax is applied to the a part of the body. The wax tech then covers the wax with a piece of cloth. After making sure the cloth and wax are firmly adhered to the body, the wax tech rips the cloth off, along with the wax and body hairs. This hurts. A lot.

It helps to take a painkiller before the procedure; there will still be some sensation. For the hard to reach places on the back, chest, or tops of toes, waxing is the most efficient way to remove hair. For the cost-concious, visiting a salon for back hair removal and using another hair removal technique at home is a great compromise.

Though commonly believed to be permanent, the FDA does not allow laser hair removal to be advertised as permanent. Laser hair removal does result in a huge reduction of hair. Having the most longevity of the hair removal techniques discussed here, laser hair removal is also the most initially expensive. Depending on the body part, 3-12 treatments might be needed. In 2007, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons said the average price of one laser hair removal treatment to be $429. Many hair removal centers offer buy one, get one free offers.

For the novice crossdresser and sissy, body hair removal can be intimidating. Expertise quickly develops and the crossdresser in time finds pleasure in both the feminine ritual and the resulting smooth, soft, sensuous skin.

Nervous about hair removal? Need more tips or encouragement? Give one of our Feminization Mistresses a call, today!

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