How I Became A Strict Feminization Mistress


One of my favorite things to do is to watch as a once powerful man squirms helplessly to my desires. I love how weak a man gets just from the sound of my voice ringing in his ears. At first, I was curious as to how one becomes so enraptured by such a fetish that it is one of the few things they can delight in sexually. I remember a time when sex was all cuddles, kisses, and the headboard banging against the wall. Of course, I am sure you remember a time somewhat similar to this. Or perhaps you don’t and that is what has drawn you to the fetish of being feminized by a strict Mistress.


Just as becoming a sissy happens in several stages, so does becoming a feminization Mistress. One does not simply turn into a Mistress overnight, and one most certainly does not become a feminization Mistress that quickly. Sissies require a very special finesse. They need a delicate, but demandingly firm touch. They have to be molded slowly and over time. It’s not like we come pre-loaded with the information on how to put a sissy through his training.


Stages In Becoming A Sissy Mistress


Stage One: Discovery


I was completely aloof to the fact that I would one day become a Mistress of any kind. I mean, I had always been a bit of a Diva and a princess, always getting all theSissy Mistress, becoming a sissy Mistress 18+ things I wanted, all the men I wanted (and didn’t want), and anything else I could dream up in my pretty head. On the outside, I was just another pretty cheerleading captain and lovable giggly co-ed, but there was much more to me.


I was devious and constantly scheming on how to get more of what I wanted easier and faster. I learned early how to tease horny men into doing every little thing that I demanded of them. The more I got from them, the more I wanted and the harder I would push their unknown limits. In fact, I recall the first boyfriend I got into panties and the feelings of exhilaration as he stood before me blushing in pink panties. He was so aroused, but I know that he was humiliated by the fact that he WAS aroused; I couldn’t help but giggle as my mind began to whir.


Stage Two: Research


I started researching more about being a Mistress almost immediately, all in secret of course. In the course of doing this research, I came across feminization. At first, I was honestly stunned that there was a whole world of fetish that focused on something I had only dabbled in so far. As I researched more and more, I started to try new things with various boyfriends; some were more receptive than others. The ones who would run away made me laugh, while the ones who stayed really began to intrigue me. I started dressing my boyfriends up in more of my clothes, making them look like awkward butchy femmes at first. It was never enough though.


I Wasn’t Satisfied Just Playing With Panty Sluts


Stage Three: Raising The Bar


Like I said, it just never seemed enough, and they always looked so awkward standing there dressed up in some slutty outfit. This is when I would tease them until they were practically begging to fuck me, then I would coerce them into letting me put make up on them. The more they gave into my wicked desires, the more I wanted to really make them squirm. I started trying to slowly mold their behavior to be much more feminine. It took quite a few failed attempts before I had created the perfect sissy slut through concentrated sissification. He even let me toy with his ass a few times.


Stage Four: Total Transformation


I can’t say exactly when “normal” sex became SO boring to me, but, alas, it did. My sex life was never the same again and never will be. Now, when I go on a first date, I find myself daydreaming of what he would look like in heels and red “fuck me” lipstick. I have found that now I am much more aroused by the idea of dressing up a man to be a complete sissy whore and, perhaps, turning him into my sissy coerced bi slut someday. I have undergone a total transformation into a strict Mistress, and there is no turning back for me.


Stage Five: The Final Touches


Dressing up a sissy and the initial parts of sissy training can be both exhilarating and fun, but there is always more. I have always lived by the philosophy that she who has the most toys wins, after all. I just relish having a sissy beg for my strap on. There is nothing that compares to the piercing squeal as I penetrate his ass with my massive strap on. Even as I am driving my strap on deep within him, though, my mind wanders yet again. What would it be like to have him on all fours sucking a real, hard throbbing dick? What would his eyes look like as he gags on my strap on while he is being pounded from behind by a massive dick?


This is just how I have perceived my journey into becoming a feminization Mistress. It starts for a growing love for feminization and sissies. This only develops into an almost obsessive fetish with endless possibilities.


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