How to Have Soft, Feminine Feet

by Ms. Simone of


Being a sissy girl means that it is essential to take care of your feet to ensure you have soft, feminine feet. Every sissy girl should have feet that you can practically eat a four-course meal off of. Start out by using a nice body wash that has scrubbing particles. It’s not so important what brand as much as the smell. It needs to make you feel feminine and alive. Play with the different scents till you find one that fits you. Some sissies like the musky smells while others love the fruits and florals. Don’t judge the scent. I enjoy a nice cherry blossom or vanilla. Out of all the scents, it sometimes amazes Me that I enjoy the simple ones so much.


At least once a week you should give your toes a nice soak and scrub. You can do this by lighting some candles, putting on some relaxing jazz or showtunes and having a nice spa day. Now, that you are finished with your bath, towel dry yourself and look at yourself in the mirror.


You LOOK gorgeous Naked!


Really take a head to toe look at yourself. Wink at yourself in the mirror and strike a stunning pose. It’s very important that you do this while you are completely naked. Yes, I know it might feel ridiculous but that’s OK. It’s important to Love yourself with your clothes on and off. When you are completely dry, the next step is to polish those toes and make your feminine feet really shine.


Prop up your foot on a coffee table or go back to the bathroom and use the tub.


You will need to have leverage, so your foot is nice and stable. Of course, if you have a friend to help you, that’s even better. Nothing is more fun than a nail polish party. My favorite brands are OPI and Zoya right now. Note, I say right now as I really love anything designer. The key here is that the color and the brand make you feel super girly and very happy.


You will know the right brand of polish when you pick it up and you start to smile.


You will have an almost giddy feeling. That is how you will know you have the correct color. Remember, don’t judge the color. I love red and pink just as much as the next girl. But, let’s face it, experimentation is just out right FUN! Here’s My own personal color chart for when I do MY toes…


• Be the gothic girl with black toe polish

• Magical girl with silver polish.

• Strength or a little slutty with Red

• Innocent or sweet with Pink

• Hard working girl with Brown

• Center of Attention with Gold

• Royalty with purple

• Submissive chic with Green

• Focused and Intuitive with Blue

• Creative and aroused with Orange, and

• Angelic and mysterious with White.


Remember to have fun with the different colors. You might even make your OWN chart of how each color makes you feel. I LOVE playing with different toe polishes on My sissy as a way to express her individual awesomeness. Now, that you have pretty feet. Don’t forget to add an ankle bracelet and a toe ring to finish the look. Always use sterling silver. That is 925 silver, stainless steel, titanium, or gold. If you don’t, it will tarnish like any jewelry and will not last. You can find several types on Amazon. If you have a plus size ankle, then get the extra-large or ask one of the sissy school Mistresses to assist you in finding something that fits your personality.


The last step to pretty feet is to pamper your feet with a nice creamy lotion when you go to bed. You want them to feel soft and smooth. There is nothing better than having Sissy School Beautiful toes! You can coordinate your toe polish color with your outfits and your sissy nylons, too.


Now, go take pictures of your toes and post them on the Enchantrix Empire!


Email your favorite Mistress at LDW! I can’t wait to see yours!


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