Shaving for Cross Dressers and Sissies


Let’s talk about shaving for cross dressers and sissies. Have you ever tried on a pair of stockings or pantyhose and you feel that leg hair getting in the way? As a sissy, it’s not very appealing to have such manly hair on your body and you want to feel soft and feminine!

So, what do you do? Do you break out the razor that you use on your face before going to work every morning? That does not 

Shaving for sissies and crossdressers 18+

seem to be very sissy or feminine, does it? Below are some tips to keep you feeling sissy and feminine, even whilst you are shaving!


Shaving for Cross Dressers and Sissies


To keep that sissified feeling, choosing the right shaving cream can make all the difference. You might want to choose a shaving cream that is designed for women. When you go into the store, go into the women’s aisle to find shave cream for women. These shave creams are designed with special conditioners to make your skin soft and you will be feeling very sissy!

Choosing the right razor can help too, and again, if you want to feel extra sissy – the best razors to get are the razors for women. The feel of them in your hand as you are shaving your legs can make you feel especially feminine.

So here is what you do: after you purchase your razors and your shaving cream, go home and draw yourself a bubble bath. You can also put some oils in the bath if you wish, and perhaps some rose petals. Light a candle and then shave away that manly hair! You’ll be glad you did, and for the feeling of feeling like a hairless sissy!


For more tips on shaving and hair removal, give one of our Feminization Mistresses a call, today!


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