Sissy Training School


I am many things, not just a talented feminization Mistress. The same can be said for my lovely Femdom friends. I personally hold a degree in psychology, and many of my employees hold various degrees in behavioral training and psychoanalysis. Of course, we could have chosen many different career paths, but instead, we decided to pursue a dream that we all shared–a dream to open a sissy training school.


We wanted to create an environment where sissies could escape at various times in order to explore their more feminine and submissive sides. We have both sensual and strict mistresses at our sissy school. It’s a sissy’s dream come true, not to mention our dream come true.


We have various training classes for sissies on how to dress, how to walk and talk, how to do makeup, and much more. It has been amazing to watch all of our sissy boys slowly (and sometimes very quickly!) transform into complete sissy sluts before our very eyes. It’s also amazing to see how hungry they are to begin the process.


Feminization Training From Femdom Mistresses

Sissy training school 18+

We have an entire wing dedicated to the second part of this sissification process. This is the area where sissies are teased and seduced into becoming something much naughtier than just little sissy sluts. This is where many of them find themselves on their knees. These sissy girl sluts end up succumbing to coerced cock sucking and LOVING it!

We always start out teaching the sissies how to suck cock with our big strap ons! These sissies usually BEG for our strap ons, and then they hungrily and eagerly suck and swallow those rubber cocks down. You can even say they WORSHIP our strap on cocks!

The next stage of our sissy school teaches them to take our big strap on dicks in their sissy girl “pussies.” The funny part about this is that often, we don’t even have to bring it up. Our sissies are just so hungry for cock that they beg to take our strap ons without any prompting from us. For my part, I love to feel a sissy tremble beneath me.


Taking Our Students From Sissy Girls To Cocksucking Sluts


Sissy school is here to allow sissies to explore as much or as little of their crossdressing and sissy boy fantasies as they w

ish. We want to show them exactly how good they can feel when they are trained and guided into sissification the proper way. Every feminization mistress at our sissy school is trained and skilled in every aspect of sissy sexuality.


For the truly daring sissies, there is one more wing in our sissy school. This wing is only for the depraved and cock-hungry sissies. These sissies not only adore strap ons, but also crave MORE than a mere imitation of the real thing. This particular wing is for the sissies who need warm, hard cocks and the hands of not only his strict mistress, but also those of a big, strong man. Here, they can explore their coerced bi fantasies in a safe environment with our Mistresses.


The naughty bisexual fantasies of the sissies who visit our school are safe with our Mistresses. They can share all their dirty secrets with us, and we will nurture that fantasy and help it grow. We will guide those hard cocks to the lips of those little sissy girls and whisper softly in their ears as they start to become the cock sucking bimbo slut sissies they’ve always wanted to be. We will even bend these little sluts over, running our hands across their backs, and open their ass cheeks so one of those hard dicks may slip inside.


We never want anyone to be afraid to enter sissy school. We just want to offer only the best sissy training and feminization Mistresses. We even promise not to laugh, unless, of course, that is something that makes our students’ clits twitch.


There are so many possibilities to explore, and our girls even get to choose the pace of their sissy training. If they want to linger in any phase of sissification, they’re more than welcome to explore that phase to its fullest extent before moving on, if they even want to move on at all.


Wouldn’t you like to try out our sissy training school?


It would be a pity for you to delay, only to find out later that this is what you have been waiting for your entire life. We are here just waiting to craft the perfect customized sissy fantasy just for you. You’ll have the choice of a stern Mistress or a sensual one. But no matter what your choice is, you are guaranteed to feel pleasure like you have never felt before during your sissy training!


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