Sissy’s Guide to Nylons


Next to panties, nylons are the next most common piece of women’s clothing that sissies like to wear. For some, it’s because these garments represent femininity in ways that other pieces of women’s clothing do not. For others, they are a stepping stone between being a panty boy and becoming a full-blown crossdresser. For still others, they may have a nylon fetish that goes along with their desire to be sissies. The reasons for wearing nylons may be any of these listed, a reason not listed, or any combination thereof!


Because of the popularity of nylons among sissies, I have put together this little guide to nylons for the sissies out there. I hope this guide will help you choose the best type for you!


First of all, let’s cover the various kinds of nylons before we go any farther. The best-known kinds are stockings and pantyhose. But did you know that there are others as well? Other examples of hosiery include tights, knee-highs, ankle-highs, and footies.


There Are More Types Of Hosiery Than Most People Think


Let’s talk about the lesser-known types of hosiery first. These are least likely to be in demand by a sissy.


Knee-highs, ankle-highs, and footies are all types of hosiery produced for a specific purpose. Because of the fact that they’re more of a specialty item, they are not worn as often as stockings, pantyhose, and even tights. Many sissies don’t find them as sexy as other types of nylons, either.


The names of these types of hosiery are fairly self-explanatory as well. Knee-highs are long enough to come right below the knee. Ankle-highs hit, of course, the ankle, and footies just cover the sides of the foot.


What are these types of nylons needed for? Knee-highs, much like their cousin, trouser socks, are generally worn underneath pants. They can also be worn under long skirts. Ankle-highs are also usually worn with (long) pants or very long skirts. Both knee-highs and ankle-highs are generally worn when the wearer needs nylons with the shoes she’s wearing but does not want to wear a full pair of pantyhose or stockings. Both types are usually worn with pants or skirts long enough to cover the tops of them, even when the wearer is sitting, which is one reason their usefulness is limited. Footies, too, are worn when the wearer needs the foot covered in nylon (usually because of the type of shoes being worn), but do not want the nylons to be seen. Footies work well for this because they only come up to the sides of the foot and are covered completely by pumps or other types of closed-toed and closed-back shoes.


Because of the limited ways that these kinds of nylons can be worn, they’re generally not regarded as fetish items.


Now For The Sexy Types Of Nylons: Stockings And Pantyhose


Tights have a small following of fetishists. This phone sex Femdom has spoken to a couple of men who fetishize tights. However, tights, which are thicker, more opaque versions of pantyhose that come in a myriad of colors and textures and come all the way up to the wearer’s waist with a cotton crotch area between the legs, are also rather limited in their functionality, as these are usually considered winter garments.


And now we come to the two types of nylons that men are most likely to fetishize: pantyhose and stockings. In hosiery parlance, stockings may also be known as thigh-highs, since they reach the wearer’s mid-thigh.

Stockings, or thigh-highs, may be worn alone or with a garter belt. The kind that can be worn alone have a tight band of elastic around the tops of them to hold them in place on the wearer’s thigh. The other type has to be held up with a garter belt. Most sissies find the garter belt type to be sexier but may find the wear-alone type to be more practical. Traditional wisdom holds that thigh-high stockings should not be worn with a skirt that is short enough to show off the tops of the stockings, but many phone sex sissies eschew this advice because they like showing off their stockings.


However, for sissies who do not wish to show off the tops of their stockings when wearing very short skirts, the solution is, of course, pantyhose. Pantyhose are made just like tights. They reach the waist and have a cotton crotch. The difference is that the nylon that pantyhose are made out of is thinner and more sheer. Pantyhose, like stockings, also tend to come in a more limited selection of colors than do tights.


Well, sissies, this Femdom Mistress hopes her guide to nylons has been helpful for you. The only thing I’m curious about now is…which type of nylon will you choose?


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