Types of Men Who Enjoy Wearing Panties

by Ms. Constance of www.femphone.com

There are many different types of men who enjoy wearing panties. Below I will describe some of those types of panty wearing men and I am pretty sure you will find one that hits a hot button for you!

Men Who Enjoy Wearing Panties: Panty Boys


This is a group of guys who love to flaunt wearing panties they love to slip into a sexy pair and share with the world they are panty boys. This type of panty wearing man enjoys being teased in a fun way about the panties he chose to wear and how it excited him to feel them on.

Men Who Enjoy Wearing Panties: Every Day Panty Guy


This one is hot because this guy is just your normal average guy with one small naughty secret… he is wearing a sexy pair of women’s panties under his pants. This guy likes the feel of them and the fact he has a naughty secret nobody would ever guess he had. He gets turned on by the panties, but more so by the naughty nature of being in them.

Panty Strokers


These men love to stroke in panties and that is just about the only time they slip into a sexy pair. They spend time deciding which pair they want to slip into and when they find that perfect soft sexy pair of panties they slip into them and instantly get hard, and of course before you know it they are tugging and pulling on their panty covered cock.

Humiliation Panty Sluts

This group of panty wearing sluts is a special kind because these men wear panties simply to be laughed at and teased. The harder you laugh at their panty bulges the more turned on they get! They steal panties just to wear them to be laughed at….and of course these types also love to fill their panties up with cum and be humiliated for cumming in those sexy panties.

Coerced Panty Wearing Men


This is a fun one if you’re the woman who convinces a guy to wear panties for her. It takes a man who is so worked up and weak from being turned on that he is easily convinced that wearing panties would be fun only to be mocked for his hard cock that springs out of those panties. He is not humiliated but this panty wearing man sure is embarrassed that he was tricked into wearing panties only to be giggled at.


More Types of Panty Wearing Men


There are many more types of panty wearing men Some men wear panties simply because they like them and panties just fit and feel better but they don’t get turned on at all. Some men enjoy wearing panties with their special lady as part of some fun, kinky panty play. Then there are those men who like the feel of feminine things in general and panties are just one of the many sexy ladies things they might wear.

No matter what type of panty wearing man you are just know there are women like me who embrace, enjoy, and love to play with you so don’t be shy about your love for wearing women’s panties share why you love wearing them so much.


Are you a man who enjoys wearing panties? Give one of our Feminization Mistresses a call, today!


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