Non-Coerced Feminization Roleplay Ideas


Roleplay scenarios are a fun way to enjoy feminization. With those men who enjoy dressing in feminine attire for one or more of a myriad of reasons, seeking out a strong woman for the purpose of feminization can include a desire for sharing, support, encouragement, advice, and an environment of openness and lack of judgment. Regardless of motivation, the following scenarios can be fashioned to suit your individual needs.

Sissy Roleplay Idea #1: Mistress Dresses Her Sissy Maid For a Dinner Party – You pride yourself on being a model domestic sissy. You complete every task given to you, attend to every fine detail, and always aim to please your Mistress. You’ve just been informed by Mistress that she is planning to have a dinner party, and you need to be dressed perfectly for company.

You LOVE getting all dolled up for your Mistress. But… On this occasion, she is not going to simply tell you what to wear and leave things to chance. No. She is going to dress you herself! Depending on what appearance she desires you to have, you may be dressed as a “traditional” classy sissy maid or a provocative sissy maid – and you can hardly wait to see what look she chooses for you. (This non-coerced sissy scenario can include humiliation [teasing, spanking, cum-eating, panty puddles, public display], body worship, strap-on sex, cocksucking, and/or chastity.)

Feminization Roleplay 18+Sissy Roleplay Idea #2: Mistress Dresses Her Slutty Sissy For a Night Out – Mistress has plans to for a night out on the town – and you are going to be accompanying her. Since she may not be the only one going out in search of a “real” man, you are going to be dressed a like a hot slutty sissy-on-the-prowl, ready and willing to flirt, seduce, and be used as a sissy man-toy. Mistress will choose just the right spicy lingerie, barely there top and skirt (or trampy dress), and towering heels for you, then dress you for the outing.

This scenario can focus on the experience of being slowly dressed by Mistress, being shown off and pimped out by Mistress, and/or being a helpful sissy slut girlfriend, who is more than happy to be a fluffer for Mistress’ chosen lover. (Assplay/strap-on sex, public display, domme-guided bi/cocksucking, cum-eating, cuckolding can all work well in a slutty night out scene.)

Crossdresser Roleplay Idea #1: Trying On That New Outfit – There is nothing more exciting that buying a brand new ensemble, including a new bra and panty set, garter belt, nylons, little black dress or pencil skirt and billowy blouse, and some sexy stiletto heels. If there’s anything that happens to be more titillating that making the purchase, it is getting home and slipping into your gorgeous new things.

What better way to enjoy, get opinions on, and receive some assistance with your new attire than to have Mistress join you for the fun. She can hand you each item, help hook your bra or buckle those ankle straps for you. You can also model your full look for Mistress and get her feedback on the fit, style, colors, and so on. (A dress-up role-play like this easily accommodates the following elements: guided masturbation, tease and denial, chastity, public display, edging, cum-eating, and/or assplay/strap-on sex.)

Crossdresser Roleplay Idea #2: Shopping Trip Fun – Before you have a fashion show featuring your new feminine treats, you have to go shopping for them. Why go alone when you can solicit Mistress to go along and show you how much fun a fantasy shopping trip can be?! When Mistress accompanies you on a clothes-buying outing, you have your own personal stylist, advisor, and expert on-hand to ensure you don’t forget anything you need.

Whether it’s focusing on one shop or store-hopping your way around the mall, Mistress can give you suggestions, offer tips and tricks, and help you try on items in the dressing room. Now, that’s a fun day out! (Tease and denial, chastity, guided masturbation, public display, and/or cum-eating can be well-suited elements for a shopping trip fantasy.)

Enjoy these roleplay scenarios? Give one of our feminization Mistresses a call, today!

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