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We wanted to create an environment where sissies could escape at various times in order to explore their more feminine and submissive sides. We have both sensual and strict mistresses at our sissy school. It’s a sissy’s dream come true, not to mention our dream come true. Sissy Training School can bring you so much joy!

If you’ve just come out of the sissy closet – or are considering doing so, and not quite sure how to do it, just remember to be as open and forthcoming as possible when discussing your sissy tendencies. Your significant other is likely to be shocked and confused – prepare a thorough answer and explanation for her, to the best of your ability to understand your own sissy tendencies. Read The Sissy Husband: Married To A Crossdresser

Being a sissy girl means that it is essential to take care of your feet to ensure you have soft, feminine feet. Every sissy girl should have feet that you can practically eat a four-course meal off of. Continue enjoying How To Have Soft, Feminine Feet.

When it comes to feminization and spirituality, our current society has a hard time accepting transsexual persons at all, let alone accepting their unique spirituality. Continue reading Feminization and Spirituaity.

There are many different types of men who enjoy wearing panties. Which type are you? Continue reading Types of Men Who Wear Panties.

Next to panties, nylons are the next most common piece of women’s clothing that sissies like to wear. For some, it’s because these garments represent femininity in ways that other pieces of women’s clothing do not. For others, they are a stepping stone between being a panty boy and becoming a full-blown crossdresser. The Sissy’s Guide To Nylons can help you with your stockings. 

Crossdressing Sex: What Goes On in the Bedroom? The short answer: a lot. Continue reading Crossdressing Sex: A Woman and a Crossdresser.

Breasts are rarely the first things that would-be sissies think about. And that’s completely ok because there are far more “exciting” things to worry about: Things like clothes, makeup, accessories, playing with strap-on femdommes, and many others. But eventually, if sissies decide to go further in their quest toward complete feminization, breasts do become a consideration. Read Breasts For Crossdressing Sissies for advice and help! 

When it comes to crossdressing and cosmetics, one of the most difficult things for a crossdresser to master is the art of choosing and applying make-up. Continue reading Crossdressers and Cosmetics.

My very first experience with a sissy boy was my first semester in college. I had NO clue that sissies even existed until I walked right in on my first boyfriend in college and his dirty secret. Enjoy the tale of a sissy’s journey from panties to full blown cocksucking bimbo in three parts! Co-ed Mistress’s First Experience With A Sissy Boy starts us out, then continues with My Boyfriend’s Complete Feminization, and concludes in From Sissy Slut To Coerced Bi Slut.

Have you ever tried on a pair of stockings or pantyhose and you feel that leg hair getting in the way? As a sissy, it’s not very appealing to have such manly hair on your body and you want to feel soft and feminine! Continue reading Shaving for Crossdressers and Sissies.

Hi there diary, it’s me again, your cock sucking friend. You know I started this journal before I had ever tried to get on my knees and suck a cock. I wanted to, but I hadn’t done it yet and you’ve been here with me through all the attempts, both failed and successful. That’s really important you know, to be able to share things with someone. Though you I know I can trust to keep my secrets, as long as I keep you hidden. I can’t imagine what would happen if someone found you! I think that every time I write here, I think about what would happen if someone just picked you up, my dear diary, and flipped through you. Keep reading The Cock Sucker Diaries!

Every good sissy worth her Louboutins should know how to wear a corset. This is why I give all my sissy slaves corset training. All my slaves must know all there is to know about this important article of clothing. Continue reading Feminization and Corset Training.

You have completed all of the physical aspects of becoming a sissy bimbo and now you are here, looking for a strict Mistress to further your intense bimbo training. I imagine you are longing to be completely transformed into a cock-hungry slut who only thinks of being a pleasure doll. Keep reading Training A Bimbo To Be A Cocksucking Whore.

Let’s talk about all the different types of lingerie for crossdressers. Any crossdresser summoning up the courage to go lingerie shopping for the first time (or even for the hundredth time!) has enough to deal with without trying to navigate the terminology of fine lingerie. Continue reading Lingerie for Crossdressers.

Much to my dismay, I was caught in panties! I had been a slave for my Mistress for a few months when she caught me. It wasn’t intended in fact I don’t remember even thinking about it before I did it. Continue reading Caught in Panties.

Crossdressing and stockings are the perfect pair. There is no feeling more luxurious than that of drawing sheer stockings up over smooth legs; of clipping that little garter onto the top and slipping our toes into a strappy leather pump! Continue reading Crossdressing and Stockings: A Girl’s Sexy Luxury.

Let’s take a look at a few feminization terms and what they mean. Many of the words used to describe alternative gender expressions are misunderstood and often used incorrectly. If you are just learning about this topic, it helps to begin by becoming familiar with basic terms. Continue reading Defining Feminization Terms.

There are several different feelings that can arise from a women’s perspective regarding cross-dressing. Most open minded women are accepting of it. Continue reading Crossdressing from the Woman’s Perspective.

Before my husband and I got married, we met in college. His female best friend happened to be my roommate, and figured I needed a break from the usual string of asshole frat guys I was dating. I had never really met a man like him before, he was sweet, caring, compassionate…. He was everything I’d been taught a man should not be. Read Femdom Gets A Crossdressing Sissy Girlfriend.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch as a once powerful man squirms helplessly to my desires. I love how weak a man gets just from the sound of my voice ringing in his ears. At first, I was curious as to how one becomes so enraptured by such a fetish that it is one of the few things they can delight in sexually. Continue with the tale of How I Became A Strict Feminization Mistress.

If you ask any crossdresser, the urge to crossdress is extremely powerful, not at all unlike a drug. The question: “Can the crossdresser simply stop?” is a very compelling and complex one. Continue reading The Crossdresser: Is He Powerless to Stop?

For the novice crossdresser and sissy, body hair removal can be daunting. Yes, the novice crossdresser may have experience shaving facially, but even shaving becomes complicated when used to remove body hair. Continue reading Hair Removal for Crossdressers.

You love panties! You love to buy panties. You love to touch them and look at them. You love to talk about them and wear them. What you don’t love is figuring out ways to get them. When you are trying to dress up in secret it can be difficult to decide just what would be the best way to make your panty collection grow. We understand that you want to buy panties and girly sexy lacy ones too, not ones that might pass for boy underwear at a glance, and we want to help you learn how to get them. There are a few ways to go about it, so read on to learn the Best Ways To Buy Panties Discretely

Your mind is constantly thinking about wearing panties. There you are, at your friend’s house to play video games. When you walk back to the powder room, you walk past his female roommate’s room and without thinking, you walk in, go right to her dresser, and open the top drawer. Continue reading Panty Boy Thoughts: “I Need to be Wearing Panties!”

For those who long for coerced feminization, the ultimate goal of coercion by a dominant woman is the most exciting thing they can imagine. Read more about it in Roleplaying Ideas for Coerced Feminization Novices.

When it comes to feminization, we hear this question and comment a lot. Are all crossdressers gay? Guys who enjoy feminization and wear women’s clothing are gay! Always! Just like every woman in pair of jeans and cowboy boots is a lesbian! Of course, this isn’t true!  Continue reading Are all Crossdressers Gay.

Are you new to cross dressing?  For years, feminization has been in the back of your mind. Something you barely allowed yourself to think about. Continue reading the Beginner’s Guide to Cross Dressing.

Did you ever think of a CEO in panties who is into feminization? Being a high powered executive has an upside, but it also has the downside. All that stress, having to be what you are expected to be. Continue reading CEO in Panties.

When you think of feminization- sissies or cross dressers- panties are probably the first item of clothing you imagine. Whether you’re a sissy, cross dresser, or occasional pantyboy, panties are an important part of the experience. Continue reading this sissy and crossdresser guide to panties and panty styles.

One of the things that has surprised me most since I began entertaining those who are into feminization of one kind or another are the number who don’t know what to call how they feel. Continue reading Sissy, Crossdresser, or Transgender?

You’re a crossdresser but how do you masturbate? This Crossdresser’s Guide to Masturbation will give you a few tips.

Are you a curious novice when it comes to cross dressing? Then grab your creativity and the Mistresses of FemPhone will show you how to transform yourself into a sexy, beautiful woman! Read The Crossdressing Novice: A Beginner’s Guide To Crossdressing.

You want to know my secrets, Mistress? Okay, I’ll try to tell you. I am a crossdresser who loves women. I love everything about women. I even love wearing their clothes, make up and jewelry. Continue reading I am a Crossdresser Who Loves Women.

What does cross dressing mean to you? The term “cross dresser” can mean different things to different people just as feminization can mean different things to different people. Continue reading What Does Cross Dressing Mean to You?

Do you wonder what makes the difference between being a sissy and being a cross dresser?

The question of whether or not women find men in lingerie sexy isn’t a simple answer, because we women are not simple creatures. What one of us finds incredibly desirable another may be repulsed by completely. Continue reading Do Women Find Men in Lingerie Sexy?

Are you read for a crossdresser girls night out?? The neon lights of the city sparkle outside the window of her apartment. You never thought this relationship would end up here. Continue reading Crossdresser Girls Night Out.

You are a cross dresser. First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are who you are and there is nothing wrong with that. Before I give you any other advice on how to share this feminization part of yourself with your spouse, I want to make sure that I tell that. Continue reading How to Tell Your Spouse You are a Cross Dresser.

My husband is into feminization and wears my clothes. He is a cross dresser. I have been married to him for five years and I’ve known about his love for all things feminine (including me) for two years. Continue reading OMG! My Husband is Wearing My Clothes.

Okay, I have a confession to make….. My man wears panties and I love it! I love the way his hard cock feels through the silky panties. No, he’s not gay and I’m not making him wear them! Continue reading I Love When My Man Wears Panties.

Are you a masculine man who desires wearing feminine clothes? I once knew this guy who wore women’s panties to board meetings. He was the head of his company who had a liking for satin panties under his $2000 silk suits. He said that he liked the way they made him feel when he knew he was wearing them and he secretly enjoyed feminization. Continue reading Masculine Desires, Feminine Clothes.

My husband is a sissy husband who is into feminization- a little sissy slut. Yes, it’s true. I’ve known this since the day I walked in on him sucking the cock of  his best friend and business partner. Continue reading My Sissy Husband.

I am a panty boy. I don’t get all dolled up completely in women’s clothes. I don’t do the hair, don’t do the makeup, and I certainly have no interest in trying to actually look like a woman. However, I do enjoy wearing women’s panties and lingerie in the privacy of the bedroom. Continue reading the Difference between a Crossdresser and a Panty Boy.

Are you a crossdresser? Like any talent, crossdressing is a skill; an art that is learned and perfected over time. From the time you first applied lipstick or strapped on a pair of heels and attempted to walk, you strive to learn how to become more passable and more authentic in your appearance. Continue reading 10 Things Every Crossdresser Should Own.

You happen to be walking by the open office door of one of your closest friends and see something startling. As you glance in at him on the phone, he’s leaning forward reaching for a pen and you see into the open neck of his shirt. Is that a camisole?? It is!! Your best work buddy is wearing a black lace camisole under his navy blue oxford shirt. Continue reading What is a Crossdresser?

Pantyboy… you’ve heard that word before, and now you’re wondering if you might be one! So what is a Pantyboy? Maybe you were reading a Mistress’ blog, and she called one of her slaves or devotees a “pantyboy”, and you could relate to his fetish for wearing panties. Continue reading What is a Pantyboy?

Listen up all you sissy girls out there!! Let’s talk about all the things that make you the beautiful girly girls you are! We all know that you have choices on how you present your sissy sides, but some new little sissy girls may not know all the ways that they can embrace their feminine whiles. Continue reading What is a Sissy?

So, you’re here because you want to know just what Feminization is and you need more than just a definition. Either you have experimented with things and are wondering if you fall into the category of feminization or you were looking around wondering what might excite you and stumbled upon the word. Continue reading What is Feminization?

First of all, lets start by discussing just what Purging is when talking about a fetish that involves feminization – yes it can be cross dressers, sissies, panty boys. Purging isn’t specific to one feminization group; it is just as painful to each. So what is it? Continue reading What is Purging and How Can it be Avoided?

It takes a lot of courage for a man to be a crossdresser. It takes even more courage to wear those clothes out of the closet! There are so many myths and labels and prejudiced ideas towards crossdressing men out there today, that it is sometimes hard for these men to feel the freedom to really be themselves. So what makes a man want to wear women’s clothing? There are many different reasons that men enjoy dressing in female clothes, and not all of them have to do with sex. Keep reading Crossdressing Men: Breaking Through The Boundaries.

That’s right sissies, those panties that you choose without even thinking, the ones you steal or just grab and run because they are pink, they are saying something about what kind of sissy you are. Continue reading What Do Your Panties Say About You?

Feminization… It’s interesting to think about what really makes a woman. Is it all about biology? I think we are evolved enough now to know that’s not the case at all. Continue reading Feminization: What Makes a Woman?

It can be confusing, especially for a transgender individual who is discovering their feelings and needs. You are searching for not only understand but guidance about which direction to go in and much of the time that is difficult to find. Continue reading Where Can a Transgender Person Turn for Support?

You want to dive deeper into your new- found passion of feminization and try some other options, but where do you start? Don’t just be a ‘guy in a dress’…. if you’re going to do it, do it right! Continue reading Ten Crossdresser Tips Every Crossdresser Should Know.

Admit it. You are a panty boy. You are obsessed with her panties, and not only on her body – but yours! You are a panty boy, a crossdresser, and you are wondering if you should tell her that you wear her panties while she’s away. Continue reading Telling Your Girlfriend You are a Panty Boy.

Are you one of our cross dressers in search of different types of skirts? There are different looks for you and your cross dressing needs and style in skirts – whether you love them to be long, or super short! Read more about the different cross dresser skirt styles!

Are you a sissy maid? I am a Mistress that likes things done her way all the time. I have slaves who work in different jobs around my home and they all obey me without question or face severe punishment. Continue reading How to be a Good Sissy Maid.

You love dressing up in your girlie girl things, and going out, but you need some information on that all important article of female clothing—the purse. Continue reading Choosing the Perfect Sissy Purse.

You love panties!  You love to touch them and look at them. You love to talk about them and wear them. What you don’t love is figuring out ways to get them. When you are trying to dress up in secret it can be difficult to decide just what would be the best way to make your panty collection grow. Continue reading Ways to Buy Panties Discreetly.

I am privileged to talk to such an amazing variety of folks, many of whom are in varying phases of exploration, questioning or transition and these words – Sex, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation – often end up in a jumble of confusion. It’s time to fix that! Continue reading Gender Terms and What They Mean.

You have a panty fetish. Do you have a stash of panties hidden somewhere? Does your little stash call out to you at the most inopportune times? Do you find yourself longing to plunge your hand (or face) into the pile of satiny soft, lacy, fabric? Continue reading Your Secret Panty Fetish Exposed.

There are many different types of men who enjoy wearing panties and choose to wear panties. Below I will describe some of those types of panty wearing men and I am pretty sure you will find one that hits a hot button for you! Continue reading Types of Men Who Enjoy Wearing Panties.

I just love an obedient sweet sissy who knows proper sissy behavior. It’s like having another girlfriend around! I like My girls to always be shaved and smooth that’s definitely tenet number one. Continue reading Proper Sissy Behavior.

Roleplay scenarios are a fun way to enjoy feminization. With those men who enjoy dressing in feminine attire for one or more of a myriad of reasons, seeking out a strong woman for the purpose of feminization can include a desire for sharing, support, encouragement, advice, and an environment of openness and lack of judgment. Continue reading Non-Coerced Feminization Roleplay Ideas.

Do you think men should wear dresses? I have to say that I love being a woman. It’s really so much easier for us to choose what we wear or don’t wear. Continue reading Dressing Up: Men Should Wear Dresses.

Do you realize how many different types of sexy lingerie there are for a cross dresser to wear? There is a lot to choose from! Continue reading What Types of Lingerie Can Cross Dressers Wear?

So you want to be a stripper, or at least look like a stripper? I can help you with that. Continue reading How to Look Like a Stripper.

High heels are sexy and make you feel very feminine. That’s why our feminization loving clients adore slipping into a pair and the higher the heel the better. Continue reading the History of High Heels.

Do you enjoy being secretly feminine? Many sissies are very comfortable with their femininity, and they go out dressed every day. They’re happy and content, letting their sissy sides show. Other sissies, because of family, friends, jobs, whatever, just can’t be as flamboyant. Continue reading 5 Ways to Feel Secretly Feminine.

So you have made your way onto the internet, as a crossdresser you want to explore but you’re not sure where to start. Here we will outline some of the places that will connect you to hundreds if not thousands of others just like you. Take your time and explore every avenue and soon you will be sharing your secrets and desires with others. Continue reading Crossdresser Communities.

I just like sucking cock. I’m not into having a relationship or even talking to the dude once I’m finished. Nameless, faceless cocks, that’s what I love and what I crave. You’d thinking sucking her dildo would be perfect for me, and it almost is! Read The Day My Wife Caught Me Sucking Her Dildo.

Did you enjoy this feminization erotica? Give one of our Feminization Mistresses a call, today!

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