What is Feminization?


So, you’re here because you want to know just what Feminization is and you need more than just a definition. Either you have experimented with things and are wondering if you fall into the category of feminization or you were looking around wondering what might excite you and stumbled upon the word.

Just hearing that you will be feminized is enough to get some men excited. Are you one of them? If you are then you are wondering possibly what Feminization entails and how you can participate in it. But no one wants to leap into something they don’t really know anything about, so we’re going to help you out by breaking feminization down into it’s three basic aspects; the biological, the psychological and the act thereof.


Feminization: Hormones, Surgery and Doctors Oh My!


So let’s get started with a basic definition and then talk about what it means for your biology. Basically, feminization is the act of making someone less masculine and more feminine in a variety of ways. The most extreme of which is the biological. Now, this can mean anything from hormone pills to surgery and is NOT for anyone who is just starting out or simply exploring their more feminine side.

This type of feminization is very popular among those of you who are already deeply involved in the act of being feminized and requires some guidance from a medical professional. Taking hormone pills on your own or under the instruction of someone who isn’t qualified can be dangerous and we all know that dangerous ruins the sexy naughty fun, so always do it the right way!

Surgery is another aspect of feminization, having your breasts done or lips plumped to make yourself appear more female can go as far as gender reassignment surgery. However, as I said, these are the more extreme aspects.


Feminization: Dress You Up


For most people, Feminization is all about the outward appearance and this is the fun stuff we love! Getting dressed up to feel girly and sexy is one of the most fun aspects of Feminization. Getting dressed up like a female allows you to switch gender roles and be the woman in your relationships.

Sometimes this is done in an entirely private manner, where you try on clothing, sexy panties and silky stockings in the privacy of your bedroom or home and look at yourself in the mirror, seeing just how feminine you can appear.

Of course, this can also be done with a partner, when the female partner becomes more dominant and as your Mistress, takes the male role, often wearing a strap on cock and helping you be as feminine as possible. Your Feminization process can start with something sensual, a warm bath with bubbles and lotions, making you feel more like a woman and smell like a woman.

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Talk like a woman
Walk like a woman
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Then slipping in to stockings and panties, some very sexy lingerie that fits you perfectly and pulling a hot little dress on over it. Maid costumes are sometimes worn instead of dresses, or evening gowns instead of something more understated, anything that makes you feel more feminine, because after all that is the whole point. High heels are almost always a must and often even a wig and make up are added to really give you the illusion of being a woman.


Think Like a Woman, Walk Like a Woman, Talk Like a Woman


Feminization is more than just dressing up though, it really does become a part of you, internally. Not necessarily from something extreme like the surgery I talked about, but in your mind. After all, the only way to truly change anything about yourself is from the inside out.

Well when becoming more feminine sometimes you start with the outside, just because it is so much fun to try on clothes and get dressed up, but in the end, you always look inside to learn to think and act more feminine.

It’s fun to have a Mistress to guide you down a path to being more feminine. Maybe you love your high heels, but just can’t walk in them, teetering on heels isn’t sexy, but we can show you how to learn to walk and move those hips perfectly.

Or if you hear yourself talking and look in the mirror while you are all dressed up and feel disappointed in how you sound. Well there are ways to work on how you speak, your voice and speech patterns and really lead you toward being more and more feminine.

Feminization is a varied and exciting fetish that goes from the extreme of physically changing yourself into someone who is less male and more female to simply learning to think more like a woman and getting to have fun dressing up. So, let yourself have fun and explore all the sides of Feminization that appeal to you.

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