What is the Difference Between a Sissy and a Cross Dresser?


Do you wonder what makes the difference between being a sissy and being a cross dresser? My brother has cross dressed for almost as long as I can remember. We are close in age, so he was forever getting in my panties and trying them on. He never told our parents. He also swore that he would tell them that I fucked every guy on the football team on the football field if I even considered telling them when I was in college.

But since I’ve grown up with him, his behavior was just another part of his personality to me and so I didn’t question it and he didn’t go out of his way to hide it from me. I let him try on my clothes until it got to where he would stretch my t shirts out so much that they went from baring my mid drift to covering my knees.

After that, he had to get his own clothes, but I would help him get them in the house, though he got really good at doing it on his own too. He kept a lot of them in my closet, so Mom always thought that I had a bad body image because I bought some of my clothes so big. I had to talk her out of sending me to therapy.

My brother and I laugh about that to this day. So he was a little surprised when I called him up on a fact finding mission. I asked him what the difference was between a cross dresser and a sissy was. He talked for a while, giving me lots of good information. One thing that he wanted me to understand, though, was there were no hard and fast rules for any definition, so he qualified everything he said with “usually” and “most of the time.”

After I was done on the phone with him, I thought that the information was important enough to pass on. As it turns out, our cross dressing friends come in many different types and our favorite girly girls are a type of cross dresser. The term “cross dresser” can also be used to describe other types of lifestyle choices.


Cross Dresser Just Loves To Dress Up


One such lifestyle that is referred to as cross dressing is that of the straight man who just simply likes the feeling of wearing women’s clothes under his own. He will sometime wear one girly item under his clothes and another time, he could have a whole outfit on, from bra and thong to panty hose and lingerie.

This is a man who may or may not be very private about his love of silk and lace. He may not have any desire to tell anyone. His loved ones, including a wife or a girlfriend, may know and then again they may never see that side of him. For this person, dressing up in hose and panties and bras isn’t necessarily a statement to the world. It’s more the fact that silk and satin feel good on his skin, but he doesn’t have to share that with anyone to enjoy it.


Sissy, Cross Dresser or Somewhere in Between


Another type of cross dresser is the straight or gay man to whom wearing panties and garters and other frilly things is a big part of what excites them sexually. Their cock gets hard when they squeeze it into their little black panties and they want to find someone who will enjoy them in their panties too.

If a willing partner can’t be found or they are too afraid to tell their partner about their love of feminine fashion, there’s always a Mistress whose waiting to demand that they be their true selves. Both sensual Mistresses and strict Mistresses can bring out the girly in any man who wants them to.

If you are dying to have someone to make you slip on those stripper heels and try your best moves on the stripper pole, a phone sex Mistress is for you. However, these lovely cross dressers don’t want to live in their Cheekies 24/7. They are happy to frolic in frocks on the weekends and then go back to the tailored Armani suits for the work week.


Sexy Sissy


Sissies, on the other hand tend to be a more submissive group, who adore pretty frilly sexy fun clothes! If at all possible a sissy will live their life as woman, adoring all the glamorous things we women love. Most sissies do consider themselves gay and do want a sexy man to have a good time with or even commit to! Overall sissy girls are extremely feminine.

Sissy girls are usually the life of the party and some strive to be the center of attention. They love fashion and are always up for a good “what’s the best make up” debate. Some really love to shop and I can tell you from experience, my sissy friends ALWAYS know where the best bargains on luxe things are.

So now you know about the difference between being a sissy and being a cross dresser. Which category do you fall in? Or do you fall into several? That’s okay, you know. That gives you more choices.

Are you a sissy or a cross dresser looking for a feminization Mistress? Give us a call, today!


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